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December 3rd, 2013

IAEE Expo! Expo! 2013

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) already had the best name for a conference—Expo! Expo!—but they have a very good slogan now, too: “Where the interaction is!” For this IAEE event, taking place December 10-12 in Houston, TX, displaying the latest innovations in event/exhibition management is just the beginning. The technology is important, certainly, but Expo! Expo! has three focuses—education, networking, resources—all pursuing one goal, which is to “keep you competitive and bring greater success to your career, your company, and your events.” The way that IAEE accomplishes this is by making interactivity a core organizing and operating principle.

You can still get into Expo! Expo! as an attendee, but if you’ll be exhibiting there and still don’t have your exhibit planned, there is no one in this industry better equipped to bail you out than CRE Rentals (with expert technologists and the finest trade show convention rentals anywhere). This is the “event of events” for the trade show industry itself, where the “best minds and brightest stars” connect: industry leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors, marketing pros. The course conference program has 80+ offerings, and there are additional expert-led sessions, case studies of best practices, and a mentoring program that matches first-time Expo! Expo!-goers with veteran attendees.

San Diego International Auto Show

The 2014 version of the San Diego International Auto Show is angling to set a record for the greatest number and variety of new vehicles under a single roof, namely 400 from 36 different world manufacturers. We’ll see what the Guinness Book of World Records says about that, but there are a few things that are sure bets: There is not a doubt in the world that the new, 2014 model-year vehicles will be overflowing with the latest high-technology components to further refine the driving experience. (If you haven’t shopped for cars in a few years, connecting your iPad or smartphone to the stereo system via Bluetooth isn’t new. So what is new? Go to the show!) As an indication of the vehicular variety you can expect, this year’s show devotes some 15,000 square feet to exotics alone, with cars from Maserati, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and other top-end makers.

There’s a lot more to do than just look at cars. It’s a family-oriented event all five days, but Sunday, January 5, the final day of the event, is officially Family Day. Children 12 and under will be admitted free with a paying adult, and there will be new, fun interactive games, family entertainment, and Camp Jeep Kid Zone with kid-sized Jeep vehicles available to drive indoors. There’s something else that’s nice for kids, grandkids, and future generations: The auto show has led the way in “green auto consciousness” and, once again, will feature the Think Blue Eco-Center with the latest, greatest eco-smart ideas, environmentally responsible designs, and fuel-saving technologies.

If your company is planning to exhibit at these or other trade shows and conferences , look to CRE Rentals for all your trade show rental needs. Our inventory is stocked with mac rentals, plasma displays, iPad rental and more. Request trade show rental quote online or call us at (877) 266-7725.

November 26th, 2013

“And a great time was had by all!” That’s the way you want people to remember your conference, and for the 17th time in a row it happened for the International Symposium on Wearable Computers in September 2013 (ISWC 2013). Today, let’s focus on what happened at ISWC – a perfect subject since this single event combines high-tech, R&D, optics, service animals, movies—and fashion.

For the year’s program, there were numerous high-quality submissions for every “call” category: academic papers, items for the Gadget Show and the Design Exhibition. With the advent of Google Glass (and a Microsoft competitor?), the category of wearable computing that includes such visual aids and virtualizers has gotten plenty of publicity of late. The real action was in the Design Exhibition’s wearable technology/clothing category, which added a touch of whimsy and style. Of the 15 exhibits, four represent the astonishing range of  creativity and passion found at the event.

Lume - electronically infused clothing collection 1. Lüme — This lightshow-infused-garment was conceived by Elizabeth E. Bigger, Luis E. Fraguada, and Jorge & Esther, then built by Associative Data. Wireless control will allow the wearer to select colors, patterns, and other options to “illuminate” the fabric with embedded LEDs. The series of Lüme garments share this ability to change color with cool blends and riotous flashes. Lüme was the Design Exhibition prize winner for aesthetic garments.

E-Shoe2. E-Shoe: High-Heeled Shoe Guitar — Max Kibardin at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia developed the shoe with Australian pop duo Chicks on Speed to accompany their wearable “supersuits” that control various video, audio, and stage-lighting functions. The E-Shoe and other wearable music devices have brought an entirely new dimension to “multimedia performances.” Now, these “body performance devices” aren’t in our audio visual (AV) equipment rentals inventory, but are being sold—and built at colleges near and far, no doubt.

3. Brace Yourself: World’s Sexiest Knee “Brace” — from Crystal Compton and Guido Gioberto of the University of Minnesota, the World’s Sexiest Knee “Brace”  is not quite a brace (the quote marks are in the official name). It is unclear why the term was used, when the actual application is great and needs no clever assists. The filament running down the stocking length is a bend sensor, and embedded tracking software tracks knee movement, supplying data to enable further refinement of, well, real braces.

4. Play the Visual Music — Helen Koo of Auburn University developed a garment that reacts to sound and displays “visual multi-sensory stimulation” to viewers. In Koo’s design for incorporating advanced electronics with practical, wearable clothing, she embedded EL (electroluminescent) wire. Although Koo is working on other designs—and should consider a wireless means of controlling the unit from any computer rental, tablet, or phone—the current EL model will blink, not “paint” or morph colors, according to its embedded program.

While CRE Rentals doesn’t offer any wearable technology (just yet), we do offer technology rentals to set up a new office or for a short-term project. If you know what you need, complete the Technology Rental Request or give us a call at 877-266-7725.

October 15th, 2013

Presentation-TIPSNot only have we trimmed the innumerable tips on how to make great presentations down to a manageable 10, we also put them in roughly the order you should use them. A couple of preparation steps are followed by pointers for the introduction to the close. These Top 10 Presentation Pointers can help you, your firm, someone you know, or even all of the above. Let’s get to it!

1. PREPARE AND PRACTICE: For your presentation to go smoothly, free of embarrassments and distractions, you must be prepared. This means knowing your material and rehearsing the presentation. If you’re making a conference presentation, practice with the sort of trade show convention rentals you will be using.

2. WARM UP YOUR VOICE: Few things will empty a room faster than someone yelling “Fire!” but speaking in a lifeless monotone has to be a close second. Practice altering cadence, pitch, and volume (not too low). As a vocal warm-up, help your tongue limber up on certain syllables, and drink some room-temperature water.

3. START STRONG: It might be called a “hook” or a “grab.” It might be an anecdote or a joke, a statistic or a factoid. It would be great if it were relevant to your topic, but whatever you say, start strong and project confidence. Do not open with a voice, character, or attitude that you cannot sustain throughout.

4. BUILD RAPPORT: Don’t rush to details, “talking points,” or punchlines. And remember that dirty jokes aren’t just tacky. In the workplace, they can be illegal, and are not the way to develop rapport anyway. Make roving eye contact (see #6, below), show your passion for the topic—then fill in the blanks.

5. STATE INTENT: Without a clearly defined purpose, there will be no way for listeners to measure your  presentation’s relevance or effectiveness. Within the first few minutes, tell the audience

  • the purpose of the presentation,
  • the top three or four points, and
  • the one or two critical takeaways.

6. MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT: The research is clear: Eye contact is the most important element of a good presentation. You must learn to do it, particularly if you use an audience response system rental or other Q&A method. People don’t respond well to speakers with poor eye contact.

7. SIMPLIFY THE SLIDES: Slides that are garishly colored or filled with every cursive font available are guaranteed losers. Worse, they can undo in seconds what took minutes to explain. Presentation guides typically recommend one headline font, one body font, and three or four bullet points per slide at most.

8. MULTIPLY THE PROPS: You might benefit from using props in addition to slides. Add a whiteboard, pick up a flip chart for a key point, and consider what else could communicate your message. Variety, personality, and unpredictability encourage the audience to pay close attention.

9. STAY IN MOTION: Another excellent way to maintain the audience’s attention is by moving around. You don’t have to break dance or be frenetic. If you need a wireless lapel mic, a PA, or anything else to pull off the event, CRE’s audio visual (AV) equipment rentals inventory holds the answer.

10. MAKE THE CALL (TO ACTION): If there is no call to action at the end of your presentation, you just wasted everyone’s time. If your product or service is valuable to people, you are doing them a disservice by not telling them how to try it or buy it. Tell people what to do with the news you just gave them. Close the deal!

If you know what you need, the Quick Rental Quote will save you time. Call (877) 266-7725, or send us a message, and our Account Executives will respond to your challenges with solutions–the right ones, right now!

July 9th, 2013

MPI’s World Education Congress (WEC 2013)

MPI-WEC2013Meeting Professionals International (MPI) brings its World Education Congress (WEC 2013) to Las Vegas from July 20-23. Implementing “transformational leadership” is the key challenge for the future of business, so the meeting industry is continuously working to transform itself and perfect its role as a catalyst of change. And “change” means finding the “inspiration to think in new ways and try new things,” as the WEC 2013 site explains. This is the attitude that drove the development of the first IBM-PC, just as it did the first iMac, and it’s the mindset that looks at the future and feels optimistic. Good stuff!

WEC will have the educational sessions and the people that can help you change “how you do what you do.” Alexis M. Herman, the first African American Labor Secretary, will address Tuesday’s General Session and present a challenge to the meetings industry: to work harder and smarter, and realize its “full potential as an industry [and] a global force.” As the iPad rental and other new tech tools continue to transform individuals, Herman looks to transform corporate culture, finding profit plus purpose in social action and pushing through traditional boundaries into new territory. If you’re a meeting professional, don’t miss out! Exhibiting? We are the premier trade show convention rentals firm. Call us!

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013

Comic Con 2013The original comic book conference is coming to the San Diego Convention Center from July 18-21. Through the years (decades!) Comic-Con’s special guests have included comics publishers, TV/film professionals, sci-fi and fantasy writers, and creators from every nook and cranny of popular and fine arts. Also joining in are masses of tech heads—some in alien makeup and space-cowboy costumes—as well as every kind of comic book fan in the known universe.

There will be fabulous films, celebrities, networking, parties, demonstrations, swag, silliness, exclusive panel presentations, and downright serious speechifying, too. Comic-Con truly has it all, including:

  • a humongous Exhibit Hall (currently 460,000+ square feet);
  • a giant program schedule with hundreds of events, from hands-on workshops to academic offerings;
  • the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, the comics biz “Oscar” now in its 25th year; and
  • film, cartoon, and anime screenings as well as a separate film festival.

If you’re an exhibitor this year, you know you need more than colorful signage on your great LCD touchscreen monitor rental. You’re in the land of the insanely creative, remember? You need great ideas executed with compelling artistic originality in a captivating, provocativeexperiential extravaganza. (Yikes!) Aim very, very high. CRE can help, if you need technology ideas. Consider Comic-Con’s own perfect summation of what the event has signified for over 40 years: “[L]ove of the comics medium continues to be its guiding factor as the event moves toward its second half-century as the premier comic book and popular arts style convention in the world.” You’re in the Hall of Kings. ’Nuff said!


From Sunday, July 21 through Thursday, July 25, 2013, SIGGRAPH 2013 will draw designers, computer artists, and “interactive tech” professionals from scores of nations to the Anaheim Convention Center for what is widely agreed to be the industry’s premier conference. The first-rate technical and creative sessions are the “big deal” of the event—if you’re going, there is still time to get the trade show convention rentals you need—and SIGGRAPH’s contributions to science, art, computer animation, music, education, gaming, and the web have been many and influential.

SIGGRAPH 2013 logo

This year, a special three-day exhibition of products and services from various computer, graphics, and interactive-tech firms will take place from July 23-25. In fact, there is so much going on that you really should bookmark the conference chair’s page if you’re attending. There you can learn about the new SIGGRAPH 2013 app, and read tips on maximizing your conference experience. The app lets you leave session feedback; check maps, schedules, and exhibitor information; and network with other visitors.

If you’re planning to exhibit at any of these or other upcoming events, call CRE’s expert Account Executives to get first-rate advice about everything from specialized high-tech gear like video walls to such basic but essential needs as office equipment rentals. Call (877) 266-7725, send us a message, or head to our Quick Rental Quote page. However you reach us, we are on the job for you immediately, saving you time, money, and energy.

May 21st, 2013

E3, the world’s premier trade show for computer and video games and related products, is coming to the E3 LogoLos Angeles Convention Center from June 11-13, 2013. Operated by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the annual show brings together the top publishers of interactive games for video game consoles, smartphones, handheld game devices (a definition that even fits our iPad rental), personal computers, and the web.

E3 draws tens of thousands of creative pros to a single location to continue the ongoing process of creating the future of interactive entertainment. The most influential people from the most innovative companies attend this event. It’s the place to see trailblazing technologies, brand new products for computers, the latest video game consoles, upcoming titles running on handheld systems and tablet PCs, games/apps for mobile and social platforms, and multiplayer web-based adventures.

RCX, or Radio Control Expo, is taking over the Long Beach Convention Center on June 1-2, 2013 to bring everything related to “RC entertainment” to Southern California. Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, designers, hobbyists, and competitors will arrive by the thousands to see new products, network RCX - radio control expowith other fans and RC pros, and have a whole lot of fun. Even if you go to run a booth on the expo floor, with a bright LCD touchscreen monitor rental inviting passersby to stop in, you’re bound to take a few minutes off here and there for some flight time!

There is so much entertainment planned that you really have to visit the RCX website’s “attractions” page to take it all in. Some highlights:

  • Mech Warefare creates a real-life robotic combat competition that pits participants against each other, piloting custom 1/24th-scale robots armed with Airsoft weapons and other systems.
  • Take a test flight in the Horizon Try Me Cage, getting hands-on and flying some of the hottest indoor airplanes and micro-copters from Horizon Hobby’s huge line of aircraft products.
  • The Construction Zone at RCX will feature highly-detailed, customized, and functional 1:14- and 1:16-scale model trucks. Scale RC trucking requires slow, precise driving skills along with the assembly of a high-quality model.
  • Crazy TV host and Hollywood car designer Fireball Tim will be at this year’s RCX Show signing his new insane children’s book Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of Wacky Rides!

Want to strategize an appearance at one or both of these events? There’s still time to get the right event production rentals, so make a call to (877) 266-7725, send a message, or log on to our Quick Rental Quote page.

March 29th, 2013

NAB logoIt’s time once again for the NAB Show, which will take over Las Vegas for almost a week (the conference runs April 6-11, exhibits April 8-11) to explore leading-edge technologies for communication, entertainment, education, and media management. From content creators working on a Mac Pro rental to content distributors making apps for smartphones and WiFi-enabled-everything, professionals from every stage of the “Content Lifecycle” will come together to talk, listen, network, schmooze, promote, and learn. The pitch this year is quite straightforward: “NAB Show is a must-attend event if you want to future-proof your career and your business.” No grey area there!

As the world’s largest electronic media show, NAB Show has grown from covering TV entertainment to being a main factor in what this year’s press release calls the “development, management and delivery of content across all mediums”—as visual content, it still goes to screens, but now those screens are on tablet PC rentals, phones, refrigerators, etc. Over 90,000 attendees from 150+ countries make NAB Show the premier event for digital media and entertainment, while more than 1,600+ exhibitors make it Ground Zero for solutions that are transcending traditional broadcasting and delivering “new content to new screens in new ways.”

Every step along the way

NAB’s Content Lifecycle and the conference sessions based on it cover the entire range of activities involved in the digital workflow:

Content Creation — Learn about the tools (iPad rental, computers, digitizing tablets) empowering collaborations between art and technology, and about hardware and software for image capture, digital art, filmmaking, production and post, sound design, the web and more.

Content Management — Find solutions to storage such as cloud accounts and disk arrays, while discovering novel approaches to retrieval, sharing, security, facility management and IT challenges, as well.

Content Commerce — Develop ways to buy and sell content in an active marketplace, whether via advertising, digital distribution, financing or content acquisition, whether you’re on a MacBook, a phone, or a desktop computer.

Content Distribution and Delivery — Find out about the latest, greatest delivery modes (broadcast, mobile, fiber optics, streaming, broadband video) for your content, “on air, on screen or stage, online or on the go.”

Content Consumption — The changing ways in which content is consumed drives all other stages of the Content Lifecycle. And it has changed one of the older clichés of the digital era: Rather than “content is king,” the saying is now, “the content user is king” (or “emperor”). However it’s defined, it takes time and effort to stay up-to-date about “fickle consumers.”

NNAB exhibit floorAB Show’s Exhibit Hall will host nearly 600 companies that are based outside of the United States. From global leaders like Sony (Japan) and Samsung (South Korea) to hundreds of others like Vizrt (Norway), Dalet Digital (France), and Quantel (UK), these international companies will showcase cutting-edge technology solutions and services from around the world. The exhibition will also feature pavilions from Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Korea and the UK, as well the Department of Commerce’s U.S. Export Pavilion.

NAB Show also offers a variety of internationally-focused conference sessions and an International Trade Center (ITC) that features onsite services for international guests including Commercial Trade Specialists and multi-lingual staff in up to eight languages.

Are you exhibiting at or attending NAB?  The exact solution to your technology needs—everything from trade show convention rentals to post-production technology—is just a call or message away, right here at CRE. Of course, if you know what you need, visit our Quick Rental Quote page and be done in a jiffy! We’re ready now if you are!

March 1st, 2013

Game Developers Conference logoThe Game Developers Conference (GDC), produced by the UBM Tech Game Network, returns to San Francisco’s Moscone Center from March 25th to the 29th. The special “Summits, Tutorials & Bootcamps” are set for the 25th and 26th, and the exciting GDC Expo for the 27th through the 29th. The world’s biggest and oldest event for the game industry is also the most exclusive, as it has always been a professionals-only get-together.

What began as a modest “get-together” now draws over 22,000 artists, coders, producers, audio engineers, game designers, and others. It’s where visionaries join decision-makers to dream up new ideas and shape the future of the industry. If your firm is presenting or attending any of the 400 tutorials, lectures, or round-tables on game development, it’s time to finalize your choice of trade show convention rentals or get the mobile tools you need as an empowered attendee for note-taking and networking.

The future is bright

The GDC Expo is the premier high-tech showcase for both the heavy hitters and the up-and-comers of the industry. The ongoing evolution of game development platforms, operating systems, utilities, networking, and peer-to-peer services drives the industry as a whole forward. It also spurs other industries to keep pace by developing new devices and updating “standards” like PCs and the iMac.

The 14th Annual Independent Games Festival will be at GDC, too, with original games competing for attention from publishers in attendance. Capping off a great week will be the 12th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards, the ultimate stamp of peer-recognition in the digital games industry.

games collage 3

A quarter-century of progress

The GDC celebrated its Silver (25th) Anniversary in 2011. Originally focused on computer games, the conference has had to diversify to keep up with the exponential growth in all relevant tech sectors: handheld devices, gaming consoles, smart phones, tablet devices like our iPad rental, the Internet, and (coming full circle) computers.

Year after year, in niche after niche, the GDC introduces innovation to the gaming world, while continuing to update that world’s collective vision of the future of gaming. Valued at nearly $75 billion in 2011, according to Gartner Research, the gaming industry is on track to make some $115 billion in 2015. Game developers are also driving advances in cloud computing.

Zillions of pixels on the way

Before long, next-generation processors, even in a basic PC desktop computer rental, will be powerful enough for 3D rendering at two to four times today’s screen resolutions. Speaking of screens, there are exciting things coming with flexible displays and other sci-fi-style gizmos, so visit us regularly, right here at the CRE blog, and we’ll keep you updated. As for interactive games, no matter which ones hit it big on the Xbox or the MacBook, they will doubtless add more billions to the industry’s total haul. Perhaps our headline could have used one more word: Games are very serious business.

We’re serious, too, about providing you the right solution at the right time—everything from the industry’s finest inventory of event production rentals to hard-to-find post-production technology. Call us at (877) 266-7725, send us a message or, if you know what you need, use our Quick Rental Quote page. We’re ready when you are!

January 29th, 2013

February has three major conferences of interest to our readers, covering topics as diverse as biophotonics, lasers, concrete, construction, and new cars (okay, trucks, too). Economic indicators are always hard to read, but if, in fact, the economy is recovering, attendance should be healthy at the leading conferences that are coming up. There are certainly some exciting developments afoot, so we’re looking forward to the conferences, conventions and expos of 2013! Here’s what’s coming your way in February:

SPIE Photonics WestSPIE Photonics West 2013 — It’s the world’s premier conference for high-power lasers, biophotonics, biomedical optics, optoelectronics, and green photonics, and this year’s SPIE Photonics West comprises two complete exhibitions at San Francisco’s Moscone Center from February 2-7. The BiOS Expo (Feb. 2-3) is now the world’s biggest biomedical optics and biophotonics exhibition, selling out in 2012 with some 215 exhibitors. The Photonics West Exhibition (Feb. 5-7), the flagship event of the global photonics industry, also sold out last year with 1,200+ companies. If you’re going, CRE can handle last-minute requests from exhibitors for plasma display rentals and A/V equipment, as well as serve attendees by putting our iPad rentals in the hands of as many folks as need them.

World of ConcreteWorld of Concrete 2013 — From February 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the World of Concrete 2013 brings to town the only annual, international gathering of the commercial concrete and masonry industries. Since 1975, this event has featured both indoor and outdoor exhibits, with leading vendors bringing innovative technologies and first-rate instructional sessions to help you grow your business—whether you specialize in materials, masonry methods, or construction.

NADA 2013The NADA Convention & Expo 2013 — From Friday, Feb. 8 through Monday, Feb. 11, 2013, NADA 2013 will take up residence in the West Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. NADA (the National Automobile Dealers Association) started in 1917 with 30 auto dealers, and today represents nearly 16,000 new-car and new-truck dealerships with 32,500 domestic and international franchises. NADA is the premier automotive industry event every year and the planet’s single biggest event for franchised new-vehicle dealers. Whether you’re running a presentation on an LCD touchscreen monitor rental, or networking among the crowds of auto pros, the convention brings dealers, executives of major auto manufacturers, and hundreds of diverse exhibitors together to marvel at the latest and greatest vehicle services, equipment, and technologies.

From trade show and convention rentals to high-tech post production gear, CRE has the solutions, and one call or message puts an experienced Account Executive to work for you to find yours. Meanwhile, a quick visit to our Quick Rental Quote page gets you in and out quickly. We’re ready to help—right now!

January 8th, 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is among the largest showcases of new technology every year, and this time around CES 2013 takes over Las Vegas from January 8 through 11. After Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gaCES 2013ve the company’s last-ever keynote at CES 2012, any number of industry pundits bemoaned the show’s supposed decline. So, is CES passé? A waste of time and money? A candidate for virtualization?

Still a “heady mix”

To judge from what we’re hearing, you’d have to answer a resounding “No!” to all of the above queries. CES 2013 promises a heady mix of keynote surprises, sneak peeks, and high-tech hullaballoo. Even more than usual, press leaks abound—all the better for us to bring you the latest, most useful information. Here’s some of what you can expect to see coming out of Las Vegas this week:Tablet TV

A “real” TV tablet: You can jump through a few hoops with our iPad rental and get TV shows, but RCA’s new DMT580D combines an Android tablet with an actual TV tuner for free over-the-air digital broadcasts.

A Google TV device or three: Manufacturers TCL, Asus, and Hisense are all expected to exhibit new Google TV “devices,” according to CES press statements. Google’s current partners Sony and Vizio will debut the recently upgraded TV service on “new devices,” as well. Interestingly, the term wasn’t defined so it could mean anything from set-top boxes to integrated screens.

Samsung rebranding move: It has the best-selling smart phone on Earth, but with its headline-grabbing legal woes Samsung is reportedly preparing a serious rebranding. Stephen Woo, president of Samsung’s device solutions division, will set the tone for the company’s new image in his January 9th keynote address. The company’s Full HD Super AMOLED display arrives at the show, perhaps mounted in the new, also-headline-grabbing Galaxy S4.

The birth of Ultra High-Definition TV: There will be plenty of these on display. To qualify as an Ultra High-Definition (UHD) screen, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA, parent of CES) requires a minimum resolution of 3840×2160, at least 8 million pixels, and a 16×9 or better aspect ratio.

The big Kahuna of CPUs: Intel is not the only chipmaker coming to CES 2013, but is expected to “show up big” and possibly announce a new mobile processor or two, as well as some for the iMac and Mac Pro lines. The rumors that Apple may not use Intel as its CPU provider resurfaced after Apple developed the A6X for the iPad 4—a CPU that is twice as fast as those in current iPads. We’ll keep you posted on this.

Nvidia debuting the Tegra 4: Nvidia’s Tegra 3 made its way into phones from HTC, Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, and Microsoft’s new Surface PC/tablet, which may be a big hit for Microsoft and future king of tablet PC rentals. It is likely that the firm will debut the Tegra 4 at CES, with initial clock speeds up to 1.8GHz and a target of 2GHz by mid-year.

CRE is your one-stop shop for convention rentals, computers, office equipment and all the top post-production gear. A call or e-mail puts you in touch with an experienced Account Executive, while the Quick Rental Quote page will get you in and out in minutes if you know what you need. Either way, we’re here to help!

December 27th, 2012


TSE2013The Special Event 2013 (TSE2013) will be at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, from January 15 through 20, 2013 (exhibits start January 16). TSE is actually a very special event, as it is the premier conference and exhibition dedicated to event production itself.  CRE is well versed in this area, since we’re dedicated to event production rentals.

At TSE2013 you’ll find not only event producers, but creative professionals from all over—from companies looking to bring production in-house, to casino owners, resort managers, hospitality industry professionals, and many others. Trying to catch their attention with plasma display rentals and cutting-edge booth architecture will be vendors of everything from tableware to the red carpet that celebrities navigate on their way into film premieres. Booth space was gone almost three months ago, so exhibitors have had plenty of time to come up with some great ideas. (If you need one, let us know.)

The courseware at TSE2013 counts toward ISES (International Special Events Society) and CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional) certification, and is the real vein of gold that attendees should mine. (If your company’s sending miners, remember that they’re data and idea miners, not coal miners. Give them laptops or iPad rentals, not picks and shovels.) Conference tracks include professional development, sales and marketing, design, event management, tools and resources, food services, wedding trends, and more. At the workshops, as in the exhibit hall, the networking will be nonstop—and will give you global reach, as attendees come from all around the world.

 • • •



The DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition is coming to the San Diego Convention Center from January 29 through 31, 2013. The utility industry’s leading “smart grid” conference and exposition, the three-day event covers energy efficiency, automation and control systems, renewable energy, power delivery equipment, water utility technology, and other critical topics.

As you network with over 8,600 utility industry professionals—engineers, managers, researchers, technicians and administrators from 48 countries—you will get the inside track on new technologies. Meanwhile, 400+ exhibitors will target you with 76-inch displays, or throw mini-parties with audio visual (AV) equipment rentals and foldout dance floors, just to introduce you to their cutting-edge products and services in a fun way. The fun will balance the very serious work at hand, as some 350 of the industry’s top speakers will address the issues affecting global utilities, with topics broken into 14 tracks with 77 total sessions. You can continue the discussions at the Breakfast Roundtables.

It’s too late to get a booth at either of these January 2013 events, but if you booked space you always have us. Need an LCD touchscreen monitor rental for visitor interactivity? The whole technology package, complete bells and whistles? Or just tips on  the right kind of swag?—then call on us. We don’t just “deliver stuff.” We devise a unique solution for your unique goals, drawing from our decades of experience, plus our first-rate inventory of trade show convention rentals and high-tech equipment.

Whether you call one of our Account Executives at (877) 266-7725, send us a message or visit our handy Quick Rental Quote page, you will be (1) well taken care of and (2) free of event- or production-related stress. We’re ready now if you are!

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