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December 11th, 2012

Since Apple also stands for phones and tablets and other “iDevices,” the old Macworld convention became Macworld/iWorld for the first time in 2012. The 2013 edition is coming soon, and it’s still the premier event in all of creation for fans of Apple’s iMac, its other OS X computers, and all the iPod and iPad models running iOS. It’s all Apple, all the time, for three days (January 31 to February 2, 2013) at San Francisco’s Moscone Center: Macworld/iWorld 2013!


Full-day workshops come first, on Wednesday, January 30. While Mac users, media pros, industry experts and every species of corporate critter (buyers, managers, IT) should like most everything about Macworld/iWorld, the technical sessions are famously first-rate. At the old Macworlds, the workshops and presentations were part of the Users Conference, but are now called Tech Talks. Every one of your conference team members needs an iPad rental, and not just for the workshops—because with the unique value of meeting face-to-face, responding to unplanned social opportunities, and reveling in the creative atmosphere, you need a tool to document your experiences.

Attending, exhibiting, or both?

You may need other tools, as well. If you are exhibiting at Macworld/iWorld, you should already have your reservation—passes, exhibit space, and everything else sell out early. As you consider your options—an LCD touchscreen monitor rental with an interactive presentation, a booth built around product displays, a mix of ideas—remember that getting people to stop is your first priority. One more thing to remember: CRE won’t charge you for advice. Whether you end up getting trade show convention rentals from us or not, you can always call, and we will always be happy to help.

We confidently predict that Macworld/iWorld 2013 will be yet another uniquely engaging celebration of all things Apple, and all the things that the company’s technology has helped create: fine art, commercial art, architecture, music, film, websites, entire companies, and more. Beyond the great learning opportunities, and an exhibit hall full of products and services for Apple users of all interests and skill levels, Macworld/iWorld puts you in the middle of a lot of people who share your (and your firm’s) interests. Sounds like a reason to rent interactive kiosk units and collect some contact info, right?

Want to brainstorm your plan a bit? A single call or e-mail will connect you with an expert Account Executive who can help you knock down every challenge you face, from a jam-packed production schedule to a last-minute booth plan involving some trade show convention rentals. As always, you can head to our Quick Rental Quote page if you know what you need. Whatever it is, whatever the situation, we’re here to help!

November 20th, 2012


IAEE Expo! Expo!The International Association of Exhibitions and Events brings its annual convention – dubbed “Expo! Expo! 2012″ – to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, for a three-day extravaganza running December 4-6, 2012. If you are exhibiting there, remember that CRE doesn’t just rent interactive kiosk units and other trade show necessities. We help you strategize, budget, and execute the unique solution you need to really make an impression. And, for a convention of convention experts, you need to have your “A” game going!

With one-on-one networking, group sessions, and “experiential education opportunities” covering every conceivable topic, IAEE has put together a solid, sensible agenda. Whether you attend, exhibit, or both, the amount of information being dispensed will easily overwhelm the unprepared. Each member of your conference team should be equipped with an iPad rental, a tablet PC, or another way of taking written, spoken, and video-recorded notes. If it’s a green-aware conference, too, you will be downloading conference materials, as well. Be ready.

Perhaps the most exciting time at the event will be when exhibition and event professionals from around the globe gather on Wednesday, December 5 from 11am to 5pm in the West Concourse Hall C of the Convention Center. That’s where they will be looking for new and innovative technologies, creative partnerships, dynamic new projects, and strategic allies for the future. So if you’re looking to catch their attention, read our blogs about drawing people to your booth, get hold of the right tradeshow convention rentals (crystal clear and BIG displays, audio/video gear), and then — whenever and wherever it is you need to put it all together — we’re ready to help.


The San Diego International Auto Show (SDIAS) roars into the San Diego Convention Center from December 27-30, 2012, with over 400 new vehicles on display, as well as a slew of aftermarket suppliers, specialty service firms, and other auto-related vendors.  Featured attractions include the Exotics Salon, Ride & Drive events, and the  Think Blue Eco Center.

San Diego International Auto Show logo

If you are in one of the many industries supporting vehicle manufacturing, maintenance, repair, or even general transportation, you will feel right at home at SDIAS. Better yet, the SDIAS is among the largest auto shows in the U.S., and the second highest-drawing show in California. If you’re exhibiting at this show, your investment in plasma display rentals and other attention-getting technology items will be well rewarded.

With an auto-themed gallery in the middle of the Center, having an iPad rental would again be ideal – for its good camera in addition to everything else. Sure, you’ll be networking; promoting your product or service; you know, “taking care of business.” But you can also take time, in a grand gallery space, to relax among fine works of art and snap great shots of cars of “historical or geographical distinction” and others that fall under the heading “teen nostalgia.” Remember car songs?

For everything from high-end post-production equipment to audio visual (AV) equipment rentals, your solutions are a single call or e-mail away. Know what you need? Visit our Quick Rental Quote page!

November 8th, 2012

Wi-Fi at Events can be QuestionableGoogle once held a press conference to announce that the firm and its partner, EarthLink, would provide San Francisco with free Wi-Fi. It didn’t instill much confidence in the attendees that the conference Wi-Fi was down until the event’s last few minutes. This is not rare. Wi-Fi gridlock at conferences is embarrassingly commonplace.

“OUTGROWING THE SPEC”. When wireless devices first appeared and the iPad rental was a novelty, conferences offered free Wi-Fi to keep attendees surfing happily. All that personal, bandwidth-wasting activity continues to this day with many more users, even as conference Wi-Fi is also pressed into service for official activities and communications.

Conference WI-Fi can be hazardousThe problem? Wi-Fi was not designed for auditoriums with thousands of people milling about, backpacks and pockets stuffed with iPods, tablet PC rentals, laptops, and smart phones. (Truth be told, there’d be no Wi-Fi problem if people would leave everything in those backpacks and pockets.) What to do? Let’s review…

EVOLUTION OF WI-FI. Standard Wi-Fi covers relatively small areas, providing access to devices making only modest demands for bandwidth. Even now, conference organizers and Wi-Fi consultants still underestimate bandwidth requirements and other factors. It is not only a matter of attendance figures, or how many attendees will have a net-ready laptop computer and other gizmos. Many things come into play, from the size of the room(s) to the amount of reflectivity (hard walls) and absorption (bodies, carpets).

CONFERENCE SOLUTIONS. Simply adding access points won’t guarantee success. In fact, that is likely to make things worse by creating more interference and introducing additional security flaws. The following actions can help:

  • Choose wisely: Read our blogs, do some research, ask questions, and check references so that you can choose a venue that has already solved the problem. 
  • Down, boy: Attendees can be advised to turn off devices that aren’t mission-critical, and to avoid downloading large files.  It won’t be the most popular mandate, but it will help.
  • Wired ports in a storm: Our MacBook Pro rental has an Ethernet port, but Apple’s next generation won’t. As many wireless problems (interference, signal loss) have yet to be resolved, a wired Ethernet port comes in handy. Of course, this won’t help all of your attendees and it’s far from ideal.  But in a pinch, it can be helpful.
  • The simplest move? Talk to us. We have custom event Wi-Fi service solutions that can put signals in places that have none (it sounds like magic, but it really works!) and can distribute Wi-Fi access to hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous users without service drops.

EXHIBIT SPACE SOLUTIONS. If you will attend and/or exhibit at a conference that you know will have Wi-Fi problems, you can soften the impact with some planning:

  • Minimize Wi-Fi: Make phone calls and access online resources in advance, and locate wired access points to use when needed.
  • Try Mi-Fi instead: Personal hot spots through many carriers can support up to five devices, but there may still be interference issues.
  • Teamwork: One conference team member can be the communications hub, securing a wired access point, even if it’s in a hotel room, and keeping everyone connected and informed. If you rent laptops, you can share files without Wi-Fi via flash drives, AirDrop (with Macs) or cross-platform with the nearly ubiquitous Bluetooth.
  • Once again, you could call on us

…for everything from event production rentals to mountainous mounds of high-speed storage, one call or e-mail connects you to an experienced CRE Account Executive. Already know what you need? Just use the handy Quick Rental Quote form.

October 11th, 2012

Long Beach Comic & Horror ConThe 2012 edition of the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con (LBCHC) is set for November 3-4 at the Long Beach Convention Center. This annual celebration of pop culture, kitsch, and creativity is an evolving showcase for artists, writers, and other imaginative folks - the sort that use CRE render farms and other high-tech gear. If you plan to promote your publication, products, educational program, or secret decoder ring, check out our conference tips (here’s a good one to start with).

In addition to scheduling celebs for meet-and-greets, guest signings, and Q&A sessions, LBCHC is welcoming award-winning IDW Publishing for the second year. LBCHC is now “one of the staples of our trade show schedule,” says Dirk Wood, IDW marketing veep, about the firm’s powerful profile at the show. Whether your firm is big or small, you can empower your presence, too, with the right array of trade show convention rentals. It all depends on your particular strategy, but remember: If you want to participate at conferences in the most eco-friendly way possible, join CRE on the green path to a sustainable future.

You could attend LBCHC as a fan instead of an exhibitor, but why not get those two birds with one stone? If you’ve studied up on pulling passersby into your booth, and have your slam-bang-totally-cool company presentation ready to loop-play on one of CRE’s plasma display rentals, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the surroundings like the fanboy or fangirl that you are. Have fun!

•  •  •

Designer Con 2012 LogoDesigner Con 2012 (D-Con), now in its seventh year, takes place Saturday, November 3, from 9am-6pm at the Pasadena Convention Center. Already a “must-attend” event, D-Con calls itself a “smashup” (one step up from “mashup”?). It’s an expansive, artsy get-together whose ingredients range from designer fashions, collectible toys and gadgets, to fine art, urban style, underground inventions, and pop art.

The one-day event will be full of activity, including a custom toy show, live painting, carnival games, and dozens of original LEGO™ creations curated by Brandon Griffith. We’ve blogged about mass-media-style programming being produced specifically for Internet distribution, and here’s yet another example: will broadcast D-Con’s live, uncensored “Suckathon” all day long (courtesy of DKE Toys).

Many noted artists – including Ragnar, Scott Tolleson, Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas – will be displaying works, chatting up the crowds and putting paint on canvas, skin, paper, cars, laptops, whatever. (Just keep that iPad rental clean, eh?) The story goes that show organizers Ben Goretsky and Ayleen Gaspar joined forces based on their mutual love of L.A.’s lowbrow art scene, designer toys, mini-figures, and Disneyland. Sounds like a great party!

When the party’s over and it’s time to get things done, CRE is your one-stop high-tech shop. From desktop PC computer rentals for your temps, to all the mass storage and servers you could possibly need, we are a single call or e-mail away. In a hurry? Visit the Quick Rental Quote page and be done in minutes!

September 25th, 2012

G2E Global Gaming ExpoThe Global Gaming Expo (G2E) comes to the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas from October 1-4 (exhibits open on the 2nd). In the gaming industry, nothing comes close to G2E – it’s the world’s biggest, most comprehensive educational event of its kind. G2E is designed to keep your business and career on track in tough economic times, offering a huge variety of workshops, keynotes, and breakout sessions.

We have numerous blogs detailing green conference strategies and innovative ways to present your firm to conference attendees. And we do a lot more than just offer the most cost-effective plasma display rentals and other trade show equipment (the most comprehensive selection anywhere, by the way). We also investigate and make possible numerous creative ways to turn passersby into visitors, and visitors into prospects.

G2E conference sessions promise to pack ‘em in, as topics range from Casino Design, Gaming Technology, and Marketing, to Security & Surveillance, Social Media Boot Camp, and an invitation-only Gaming Investment Forum. Still, there will be plenty of exhibit floor wanderers that you can snag if you are exhibiting, and if you are well prepared and equipped.

•  •  •

INDIECADEThe International Festival of Independent Games (IndieCade) will be held in multiple locations in CRE’s own hometown of Culver City (Greater Los Angeles to you out-of-staters) from October 4-7, with Festival Day itself set for October 6th. This action-packed event will feature game play, product previews, workshops and sessions, networking, an awards presentation, and much more. (Watch the IndieCade Festival video at YouTube.)

This year’s event will feature the IndieCade Village, a central indoor/outdoor “headquarters” location, at the corner of Main Street and Culver Blvd. (9300 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232 if you want to map it). With Wi-Fi for your iPad rentals and the promise of great weather, the IndieCade Festival is open to the industry and the general public, and is the one and only standalone, independent-focused game event.

Events include festival workshops, keynotes, hands-on play, a GameWalk and family-focused activities. Whether you’ve arranged to be there with the appropriate trade show equipment rentals, or plan to swoop in with a few co-workers and some notebook PC rentals for note-taking and emails, you will doubtless enjoy the event that the Los Angeles Times in 2009 called “the video game industry’s Sundance.”

CRE Rentals can multiply the effectiveness of every cent you spend on event production rentals and/or high tech. Call or e-mail an experienced Account Executive about your upcoming convention or post-production bottlenecks. Know what you need? Use our Quick Rental Quote form and you can get in, out and back to work in a flash!

August 28th, 2012

DV Expo 2012Digital Video Expo 2012 (September 19-21) is one of the very few “must-attend” events for video professionals, as it focuses exclusively on strategies, delivery, deliverables, production, and post-production in this very wide-ranging, dynamic, and competitive industry. And there is no better venue for a high-tech, futuristic conference, sure to be populated with throngs of stylish techies carrying iPad rentals, than the recently revamped, state-of-the-art Pasadena Convention Center, a mere 15 minutes northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

For 2012, DV Expo teamed up with Future Media Concepts (FMC), expanding the event dramatically with FMC’s L.A. Post-Production Conference and attracting even more targeted, qualified attendees  (a/k/a warm leads). Most exhibitors will have trade show convention rentals, but those who use CRE’s also get expert advice and support to attract the hot prospects they are most looking for.

* * *

InterbikeInterbike International Bicycle Expo 2012 is set for September 19-21 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, with two preliminary days (the 17th and 18th) devoted to the “OutDoor Demo,” which is looking more and more like a whole lot of fun.

Hosting some 750 companies representing over 1,200 brands, Interbike is the world’s premier bicycle industry conference. It is a one-stop shop for connecting with the entire bicycle universe, from manufacturers, accessory makers, and advocates, to athletes, race enthusiasts, and urban transportation think-tankers. If you rent interactive kiosk units to collect attendee contact information, you will have time to learn about emerging trends, and even do some late-night networking to develop some new business ideas.

* * *

AltCar Expo

It’s time for the 7th Annual AltCar Expo & Conference, at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium from 10am to 5pm on Friday and Saturday, Sept 28-29. The event showcases a wide, ever-growing range of energy and vehicle alternatives in pursuit of cleaner air and maximum fuel/energy efficiency. Included with the free admission is access to the AltCar Ride & Drive Area offering a rare hands-on experience with many of the exhibitors’ technologies.

AltCar has always been the best source of information for both the California fleet industry and consumers to learn ways of reducing petroleum consumption. If you are exhibiting in the AltCar Exhibit Hall with plasma display rentals and other signage, you will add your firm’s name to the most extensive array of alternative technology vehicles, emerging transportation systems, international infrastructure, renewable energy, energy efficiency research, and urban-cycling transportation studies on the planet.

CRE has the finest event production rentals as well as the latest, greatest post-production technology. More importantly, our expert Account Executives have the right solutions whether you need to attend, exhibit, produce, or prepare for the next big event.

We are always ready, willing and able to help you take care of business. Just call or e-mail, or pay a visit to our Quick Rental Quote form today!

August 7th, 2012

RTECCThe Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference (RTECC) is a unique one-day event that takes place in dozens of locations around the globe every year. In the third week of August, RTECC will be in Irvine (Tuesday, the 21st) and San Diego (Thursday, the 23rd), bringing leading-edge thinking and in-demand information about the many existing and emerging opportunities for real-time and embedded computing. And check this out: It’s all free, including the parking.

What is real-time, embedded computing?

Briefly and broadly, real-time and embedded computing refers to operations carried out by devices with built-in (embedded) software. Modern vehicle braking systems and vending machines are good examples, and you’ll see another if you rent interactive kiosk units from CRE. At an RTECC event, (software) programmers, (hardware) engineers and (corporate) managers focus on specialized computing systems for

  • military and aerospace,
  • image processing and medical instrumentation,
  • telephony and data communication,
  • industrial and process control,
  • vehicular maintenance and control,
  • consumer devices and more.

Free… and valuable event!

A highly focused conference comprising keynotes, workshops and exhibits, RTECC offers free registration, open-door sessions and complete access to the exhibition hall. With parking and lunch also complimentary, your budget for trade show convention rentals and other promotional expenses is looking better all the time. A free conference with all the bells and whistles is great in and of itself, but as real-time and embedded computing is a huge, broad, growing niche, RTECC is a no-brainer for many.

In fact, real-time and embedded computing is among the most exciting new technology fields, with innovative products, sophisticated professional journals and significant industry buzz. If you have reserved an RTECC booth (or intend to now) consider running an eye-grabbing presentation on an all-in-one multitouch display PC, perhaps requesting visitors’ contact info in exchange for a bit of convention swag. RTECC invites you to explore opportunities, network with colleagues, meet industry experts – and get a look at the competition while you’re at it.

“Technology knows no borders”

Year after year, thousands of people attend RTECC events all over the world because they get what they need to succeed. Open-door breakout sessions, the latest on emerging technologies, top industry experts – there’s so much to see, hear and do that you’ll need an iPad rental for each of your conference team members. The iPad is ideal for audio, typed or handwritten notes, still photos or video.

RTECC Irvine
8:30am-2:30pm on Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Hilton Irvine (Orange County Airport Hotel)
18800 MacArthur Blvd.
Irvine CA 92612

RTECC San Diego
8:30am-3:30pm on Thursday, August 23, 2012
San Diego Marriott, La Jolla Hotel
4240 La Jolla Village Dr.
La Jolla CA 92037

CRE can multiply the effectiveness of every cent you invest in conferences or computing. Call or e-mail an experienced Account Executive about your next conference or critical post-production project. Visit our Quick Rental Quote page if you know what you need, and you’ll be in and out in a jiffy.

July 19th, 2012

Trade shows in August? Even though it seems like everyone is in vacation-mode, there are some key trade shows and conferences happening in August. Here are two of the best:

SIGGRAPH 2012 will welcome 20,000+ people from around the world to the Los Angeles Convention Center from August 5th through 9th. Officially, it is “The 39th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques,” and it’s where media pros go to check out new products, share ideas and make new connections. A special “Emerging Technologies” module will introduce attendees to the latest developments in such fields as robotics, virtual conferences, 3D displays, interactive input and more.

From artists, engineers and small-shop developers to multinational corporations with global presence, SIGGRAPH is the only conference that draws professionals from around the globe and across the multiple disciplines of this exciting, innovative industry. With the average SIGGRAPH attendee spending almost five full hours on the exhibit floor, you should rent interactive kiosk stations to capture valuable contact information, in addition to your other strategies.

The yearly MAGIC Show is the preeminent event of the apparel and clothing industry. Show up at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center from August 20th through 23rd for the trade show event that everyone in the industry must attend, from beginners to veterans, amateurs to professionals and marketing pros to tech types.

On the exhibit floor, you’ll want to stop people in their tracks by broadcasting your brand message with our dramatic plasma display rentals. But your booth is only one of the places you will be, as you may be leading a breakout session with audio visual (AV) equipment rentals or networking with one, two or a dozen other colleagues, speakers, vendors and attendees. There is always much to do. (On second thought, make that too much!)

Top fashion icons like Vogue, Virgin, Zad Fashion and Wild Diva will be there along with exciting start up firms, with one and all scoping out the unique concepts, new technology and innovative product lines. Make sure you have an iPad rental for each member of your team, because you will need to take notes (and stay in touch, too).

So if you’re heading to Las Vegas for this event, CRE Rentals will multiply the effectiveness of every cent you spend. Call or e-mail a knowledgeable Account Executive about your upcoming conference or urgent post-production job. Know what you need? Visit our Quick Rental Quote page and you’ll be in and out and back to work fast!

July 12th, 2012

Today, we conclude “10 Best Ways to Get People to Your Booth” (check out Part 1 if you missed the post). We are concerned with maximizing booth attendance. Your actions should follow from your pre-conference preparation, and dovetail smoothly with your post-conference follow-up. A trade show booth is a huge investment, and event production rentals are just the start. Done right, your trade show appearance can spark a measurable sales increase, so turning uninterested attendees into attentive booth visitors is the vital first step in making the most of that investment.

Here are the final five of our 10 ways to get attendees to your trade show booth:

6. Tickets: These remain much-desired items of swag because many people value experiences over material things. Tip: Do not offer tickets to tech events, but to something with a “cool” factor like a music concert, VIP-only gallery opening, sporting event and so on.

7. Food: Food is a uniquely powerful way to entice visitors to your booth. Advertise (PDFs, e-mails, tweets) precisely what you’ll be serving at your booth, and make people’s mouths water with an image-laden sign-up notice on a strategically placed all-in-one multitouch display PC or two.

8. Contest: If you expect to attract conference attendees to your booth with a raffle or contest, the prize must be something that people will actually get excited about (and show up to claim). A new model like CRE’s iPad rental qualifies but, as some recent show exhibitors have discovered, the discontinued models do not. Don’t be cheap!

9. Subscription: Because of today’s information overload, magazine and newsletter subscriptions are not as highly valued as in the past. However, information sources that are truly exclusive, and boast inside information remain valuable and, thus, are effective “hooks.”

10. Personal invitations: If your conference team is connected via tablet PC rentals or other wireless gear, you can coordinate efforts to “work the floor” and encourage booth visits with a variety of strategies. Dale Carnegie might suggest you ask people a small favor, like coming to the booth for a two-minute video – and some peach cobbler (see #7, above).

Know what you need? If so, use the handy Quick Rental Quote form. But if you want expert advice on breaking through old bottlenecks and preparing for new challenges, then one call or e-mail connects you to an experienced CRE Account Executive. You can ask us a million questions, but we really just have one for you: How can we help?

July 10th, 2012

Trade Show Booth There are myriad of ways to promote your booth before a convention. This two-part blog, however, concerns tangible giveaways and intangible strategies to attract visitors during the event. It’s not cool plasma display rentals that get attention, it’s what you put on the screens as “bait” that grabs people. And don’t overvalue the concept of “cool.” Even if your giveaway is cool, folks are less likely to “bite” than if it were something useful.

Pre-conference promotional efforts include e-mails, PR, ads, direct contact and so forth. There are things to do after the conference, certainly, but at the event it’s about signage, chats-’n'-tweets, animations running on an all-in-one multitouch display PC and other activities.

In Part 1, we’ll discuss five of the 10 best ways to get event attendees to your trade show booth, with the final five in Part 2. Here we go!

1. White paper: You need a catchy title that advertises your offering as “not the usual boring white paper.” And do not make your own product or service the topic. You engage people by focusing on themtheir work and their challenges.

2. Online resources: Professionals always want to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. Consider planning guides, one-minute-management lessons, lists of industry suppliers, links to breaking news, support sources (like CRE for everything from convention rentals to render farms) and so on. Anything that saves people time and effort is an effective incentive.

3. CD/DVD presentations: Despite the popularity of “streaming” music and movies, people still listen to CDs and watch DVDs by the hundreds of millions. If you can’t produce them yourself, you can get a wide range of royalty- and copyright-free titles on topics of interest to your prospects. If you buy or replicate in bulk, it’s quite cost-effective.

4. Thumb drives: A flash drive (with your logo if possible) is useful to most people, and if you sweeten the deal by putting other useful things on it, all the better. Cross-platform files – PDFs, Adobe Flash movies, generic or custom-made web tools, the material you choose for #3 (above), etc. – are best, as they will work with an iMac, a PC or even a Linux box.

5. Live seminar: Whether at the conference or later, the whole world loves a great (free!) seminar. Now, people won’t sit still for a sales pitch, but they will for real solutions to real challenges in their businesses, careers or lives. Offering high-quality content justifies a bit of self-promotion at the end. As with white papers, discs and flash drives, the title must be provocative – and the content useful!

Whatever challenges you face, CRE is here to help. Whether for trade show convention rentals or high-powered post-production gear, expert assistance is always just a single call or e-mail away. Know what you need? Visit our Quick Rental Quote page and get in and out in mere minutes!

Please return for Part 2 on Thursday, July 12, 2012.

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