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January 30th, 2014

We end each year by looking forward to the coming year’s tech advances, and making educated guesses about what the next generation of, say, CPUs, touch technology and “3D everything” is going to be like. In late 2012, we touted four particular technologies as being “ready for primetime” in 2013. How’d we do? Let’s take a look.

Games Console Fight Still Rages

Eighth-generation game consoles were on deck for 2013, and we noted that Nintendo’s Wii U had already “rolled out…to a positive reception.” We figured that Microsoft and Sony would play catch-up with the Xbox One (initially “720″) and the PS4. All contenders bring top specs to the fray, but with different strengths and weaknesses. So who won 2013? For the year, Sony sold 4.2 million PS4 units worldwide, while Microsoft moved 3 million Xboxes. It might be the fabulous PS4 graphics—it can support 4000 x 2000 pixels, in the super-screen league with the Retina display on our MacBook Pro rental.

Flexible Touch: Still Growing

Last year, flexible touch-sensitive films were being touted for use in every imaginable product. Future generations of our touchscreen LCD monitor rental could be curved since, as we explained a year ago, the flat, solid, precisely positioned sensors on a smartphone or iPad rental ”represent but one application of touch technology.” Flexible sensors are showing up all over—even on “refrigerators [and] auto dashboards,” as we’d surmised. Progress in this niche will continue, quietly, as will the transition to a touch-enabled world.

3D: Now It’s Getting Embarrassing

Last year we joked that 3D’s much heralded (and overhyped?) immersive realism was supposedly irresistible—”back in 2009 when Avatar was released.” Since 3D has long been an accepted element of “TV, movies, the web, games and even tablet/smart phone apps,” it is a bit surprising that, once again, nothing in the 3D niche grabbed headlines, went viral, or stirred much interest in 2013. Pros still go for the Apple Cinema Display rentals and the Retina-level screens for detailed, color-correct graphics work—not a 3D monitor or a holographic display (coming soon!). Only one thing is certain: Figure out how to get people to buy into 3D and you can name your price.

14 Nanometer Production Delayed a Year

Research on both kinds of memory (logic memory, for CPUs, and storage memory) made great progress in 2013, promising Xserve RAID arrays in the petabyte range and the debut of the ”next generation of microprocessor technology” from Intel, featuring a 14nm manufacturing process. Smaller, faster transistors on smaller chips saves energy, space, and time. Unfortunately for this scientific and engineering advance, it was more challenging to implement than anticipated, and hit with continuing delays. Intel only began “ramping” new production this past November, a year late. Rick Merritt reported then in EETimes that Intel did not “appear to have any hot smartphone products” to make with that process in 2014.

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