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March 23rd, 2010

Mini Projector for iPhone/iPod

Miniaturized projectors are getting popular and  better all the time. Business professionals who don’t want to lug around big, expensive projectors now have another choice. They won’t usurp the projector rentals available from CRE Rentals for conferences and top corporate events, but mini projectors certainly have their place.

Mini Projector The MiLi Pro connects to an iPhone or iPod Touch and projects a 640×480 resolution image as far as 30 inches away. Much farther, and the lumens just dissolve. It won’t work well in a large room, but is fine for small groups where presentations are projected just a few feet away on up to 40 (diagonal) inches of screen area.

In addition to a dock for the iPod Touch and iPhone, the MiLi Pro has VGA and RCA connectors that allow it to work directly with LCD monitor rentals. Its built-in, adjustable stand is easily adjusted to get the image just right, but remember it is only about VHS quality. The device charges in roughly three hours and includes integrated speakers.

Walkie-talkie watches for conventions

Walkie Talkie for Convention RentalsHoly chitchat, Batman! The Royal walkie-talkie watches are not much bigger than the first “data bank” watches of the 1980s, with collapsible antennas and permanent rechargeable batteries (AC adapter included). They have 22 channels, each with sub-channels, and once the aerial is flipped out the built-in channel scan will find its counterpart so you can start talking.

There are no buttons to push as the devices are voice activated and an incoming call alert lets you know someone wants to chat. With an impressive range of nearly three miles, these “walkie talkies”  keep you in touch with colleagues at a conference or convention.

A simpler “pad” computer device

It will never be mistaken for the new Apple iPad, as the Adesso CyberPad A4 is an entirely different creature – it is made for taking notes, which it saves to its 32MB of internal memory or SecureDigital (SD) cards in an integrated slot. Connect the included USB cable to your computer and download your doodlings – rather, your mission-critical meeting notes – with the included software.

The utility software is also capable of converting your handwritten notes into text, but like many OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programs it is somewhat of a “lite” version and will need some “on the job training” to work right. Digital recorder rentals from CRE are another way of capturing notes on the fly, but together they could make one complete, seemingly foolproof solution.

“Gadget” technology rentals

At CRE, we stay abreast of all modern “gadget” technologies, particularly those that help busy creative and administrative professionals get their work done more efficiently. From tablet PC rentals to convention rentals, our Account Executives can help you push through any obstacles that are delaying your projects– whatever you need, we’re here to help!

Fill out our online Quick Rental Quote form, and get a swift reply and a thorough solution using the newest gadgets.

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