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February 19th, 2013

All things in moderation, goes one saying. Live a balanced life, advises another. Okay, then, in the midst of some serious recent blogs about new technologies and trends, let’s take a moment and look at some fun stuff and geeky goods. Think creatively enough and you might find other productive uses for some of these gizmos!

Boombox 2.0 – The company spells its name uncapitalized, with a macron (“long vowel” mark) atop the middle character: bēm. Okay, “beam,” so they make flashlights, right? Nope, we’re not talking photon beams (light) here, but sonic ones—bluetooth wireless, to be precise. The company’s latest brainstorm is the Outlet Speaker, a portable unit that plugs directly into standard electrical outlet. As a premier source of audio visual (AV) equipment rentals, CRE knows sound, and evidently so do the firm’s techies. They’ve managed to put a ton of it, crisbrick-compatible mugp and clean at all volume levels, in a package half the size of a tissue box. With nothing but your smart phone and an Outlet Speaker, you can do everything from amplify streamed music to set up a little mini-PA system. Truly geekworthy.

Built Like a Brick Mug – A clever product from ThinkGeek, the Build-On Brick Mug holds 12 ounces of your favorite hot or cold beverage. More importantly, it gives you a surface on which you can use your own bricks (Lego, Mega Bloks, Kre-O, K’Nex) to spark the creative flames and 3D-doodle your way through problems.  As we recently reported, some folks use mind-mapping software like Corkulous, but others do their planning and strategizing (say, figuring out how many and what kind of PC rental the new telemarketing team needs) while sketching, fiddling, or playing “fort”. With the Brick Mug, you won’t be thirsty no matter what you do.

Equation WatchEquation Occasions – Math makes the world go ’round. Or maybe it’s physics. Anyway, there are equations involved either way, and plenty of them are about telling time, which has to do with (1) the world going ’round and ’round and (2) the world going around the sun. The Equation Watch, nicely retro and analog with moving parts and everything, gets your brain cells moving, too, by replacing the hour marks with equations. They’re not particularly difficult, and once you solve them, the challenge is gone. But you can time the battery use on your MacBook Pro rental with the Equation Watch just as well as with any other, so what the heck? If you support numeracy as well as literacy, this gadget’s for you!

Is YouPotty Next? – Let’s iPad Toilet Caddy - the Grownup versionwrap up our list with a little humor: A company named CTA caused a bit of a stir at the last CES with its iPotty, a children’s training toilet with an iPad stand attached. (Honest. Look.) CTA also sells the iPad Pedestal Stand, a stylish chrome device that holds your iPad (version 2 and up) and, if you so choose, a roll of TP. A 10-inch gooseneck lets you adjust the angle and orient the screen to just the right position on your throne.

Remember, you get royal service from CRE, too, where a single call or message puts an expert Account Executive on the job for you. Need render farms for that big job, or a full breakout session setup for an upcoming conference? If you know what you need, visit our Quick Rental Quote page and get what you need now!

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