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January 15th, 2013

The New Year brings new resolutions, another birthday — and the obligatory “year in review” articles. (We’ll get to the “what’s ahead next year” pieces, too, but first things first.) Over the next few weeks, we will take a look back at 2012 and run down the hits and misses, first in business tech (enterprise computing, strategy, IT) and then consumer tecBusiness hits word cloudh (personal computing and consumer electronics). To keep it orderly, we’ll have separate blogs on business tech hits, business tech misses, consumer tech hits, and consumer tech misses, for a complete picture of the year gone by. Let’s go!

Responsive Web Design (RWB) — HTML5 was going to save the Internet from Flash overhead and other disasters but has only succeeded in muddying the waters. How are businesses responding? They are hitting back with responsive web design (RWD), which is a strategy and workflow for creating web pages that “query” the user’s device and, via “fluid grids” and scalable design elements, tailor pages to the device’s resolution and screen size. Build one web page, not four or five, that will look fine on a CRE iPad rental or your 70-inch home theater screen. Watch for more on RWD in a future blog.

Microsoft’s New Hardware Move — Apple’s original nemesis is using the Cupertino firm’s formula now and selling integrated systems, such as the Surface RT and Surface Pro. This is a departure from Microsoft’s historical focus on the OS. At the November 2012 shareholders’ meeting, Microsoft (MS) chief Steve Ballmer announced that “there is no boundary betweeMicrosoft Surface Tabletn hardware and software” that the company will allow to become an “innovation barrier.” Now, in a time when software profits are down and “computing devices” are a commodity item, MS can assure itself of profitability by bundling — a smart, long-term move.

In-Memory Computing — Everyone who has used a desktop computer rental knows the benefit of having the maximum amount of RAM installed: The more data you get into the nanosecond RAM realm the less time you waste moving it in and out of the hard drive. At the enterprise level with mainframe computers, in-memory computing dispenses with electromechanical hard drives, tape or any other media for storage. The amount of change involved in moving to the in-memory model is considerable, but the technology is approaching a transitional point. It’s been building momentum, in case you didn’t know, and is proving to be a serious productivity booster. The technology’s first adopters are in countries like India that have been working hard to establish themselves among the high-tech leaders of the world.

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