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April 19th, 2011

Does “all work and no play” make you “dull” like the old saying goes? Even if it did, the solution these days is right at your fingertips. In fact, it’s so easy to find cool things to play with that your boss might worry you’re wasting time. We have the solution for that – here are just some of the cool things to work with. Tell your boss you’re learning to be more effective at the CRE blog!

www.PopUrls.comPopurls – Is it the perfect home page for info junkies? Popurls pulls headlines from news sites, op-eds, blogs and elsewhere into one spacious Web page with no check boxes, no tools, no fooling around — just gaze, dig or trash 20-30 links at a time. It all happens at the site, so you can use it at work, on iPad rentals or anywhere you want.

Microsoft Surface TableAmnesia – This file transfer application works with the amazing Microsoft Surface table (read our post on the Surface Table). It is somewhat easier to explain what the table and software do together if you take a look. Add one of our Herculean Mac Pro rentals to the table plus Amnesia – and promptly forget about everything else!

Metafilter – With all the free “vote, share and comment” sites like Digg and StumbleUpon, it is somewhat curious that the acknowledged cream of the crop, is one of the Web’s best-kept secrets. MetaFilter (known as “MeFi” to its members) is a community weblog whose purpose is to share links and discuss content that users have discovered on the web. There is a real sense of belonging, and the AskMeFi answers are first-rate.

Puppy Tweets – Okay, we promised a little fun, right? Well, is this the funniest gizmo ever? Mattel’s Puppy Tweets is a dog tag that detects your canine’s “activity levels” (barking, running, rolling over, etc.) and transmits a pre-arranged tweet to its very own Twitter feed. If we find dog messages on your returned computer rentals, don’t worry – we will think well of you, as we’re dog lovers, too!

Life is a balancing act. Home and office, work and play, family and friends – there’s lots to do! When it involves digital production, storage, networking and high-tech tools, CRE is your one-stop shop. Call or e-mail an experienced Account Executive, or use the Quick Rental Quote form, to get things moving. We’re ready to provide you with cool things for work!

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