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October 16th, 2012

Larry Jordan is a well-known independent filmmaker, video expert, and trainer whose word carries a good deal of weight in the intertwined worlds of tech and media. When Apple revised Final Cut Pro to create the oddly dumbed-down Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) in 2011, Jordan was harshly critical of the product. He even wrote a satirical “help desk” article about the best ways for Apple to alienate its most devoted software customers, who also happen to buy hardware (from iMacs and laptops to towers and servers).

final cut pro X initially received little praise frrom techies
Apple’s pro community

In case you didn’t know, Apple isn’t just a favorite brand of hip 20-somethings with glued-in earplugs. Apple’s various image editing and processing programs, led by flagship FCP but also including Aperture and Motion, have long been the favored tools of many artists and engineers. We know because our Mac Pro rental is what many of them use for this demanding work.

But recent years have seen powerful Windows and Linux software take a bite of Apple’s market share. The hostile reaction of the film/video community to FCPX took on additional urgency for the Cupertino giant when users started switching, not just to other software, but to another OS entirely. A desktop PC rental can be just as powerful, but the seamless integration of Apple software and hardware was the premier solution. Is it still?

Features both new and reborn

A major complaint against FCPX was that it eliminated longstanding features even as it failed to keep pace with competing products. In order to make certain that “FCPX 2012″ recaptured lost customers and enticed new ones, FCPX’s latest version includes multichannel audio editing tools, dual viewers, MXF plug-in compatibility and RED camera support.

As time goes by, it appears that Apple really is serious when it comes to FCPX. The initial release was a disaster, much too radical a departure (and not in a good “Steve Jobs” kind of way, as represented by our iPad rental), but the cleanup crew has done a good job. Making amends has consisted of giving FCPX buyers the aforementioned features as free updates.

Most of the major complaints about FCPX’s initial release were addressed in a reasonable amount of time. As a group, media pros are happy that FCPX is (almost) back  to being the Final Cut they know and love, but are not quite ready to pledge undying loyalty to Apple. That won’t happen until a new, suitably potent and insanely great Mac Pro is released. You listening over there at One Infinite Loop?

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