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September 23rd, 2010

The amazing advances in screen technology that began in 2009 continued into 2010, and it doesn’t look like the pace will slow anytime soon. Among the most popular developments are 3-D (and “3D-capable”) TV displays, flexible displays, multitouch screens (as on the iPad available for rent) and LED lighting. Although some of these trends may have you thinking of a sci-fi flick, let’s do a brief review at what you will be looking at in the days (and years) to come.

Panasonic VT25 3D plasma TV

3D Plasma TV from PanasonicOthers manufacturers are still working to make 3D TV an affordable reality, while Panasonic is already shipping their VT25 plasma. A flat-panel HD TV, its 3D capability still requires special glasses.  Not ready for 3D, yet? CRE rents  HD plasma displays.

Eyeglass monitors

Various industry analysts speculate that Apple has been developing eyeglass monitors (“wearable screens”) since at least 2008. In addition to video feeds and navigational features, wearers can choose to block or view their immediate surroundings. There are already some models out there that you can wear while using our iMac rentals, but CRE won’t carry such products until standards are solidly in place.

LPD technology

A company named Prysm has developed what is called a laser-powered phosphor display (LPD) that uses lasers instead of electrons. Richer blacks, high-definition (even that “3D-capable” resolution we mentioned) and low power consumption are among the major benefits, which would take on the same form factors as LCD monitors and LED screens (from tiny to giant, in other words).

CLARO Holoscreen

This technology is going on five years old, and is in constant refinement. Images projected to the transparent display appear to be suspended in air. Already compatible with today’s DVD players and game consoles, the economies of scale should bring the price down in the near future.

Gestural interfaces

Gestural interface systems track the user’s finger and hand movements in front of a screen, or on a handheld device. Researchers at Microsoft and MIT predict that gestural interfaces will appear on mobile devices and desktops in (once again) the “near future.” When Apple goes this route, you can bet CRE will carry whatever replaces the Apple Cinema Display rentals.

Whether you need extra computers for a demanding digital workflow, or a range of convention rentals to put your best foot forward at a conference, CRE is here with the right solutions at the right time – right now. Fill out the online Quick Rental Quote form and we’ll get you the latest technology gear. That’s what we do!

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