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February 6th, 2014

Worldwide, console gaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Among console makers, there are a few dark horses in the race, like Nintendo and Steam, but the battle for video game console supremacy is clearly between Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Naturally, both firms are grateful to the legions of gamers that supported them, from the 1990s weekend warriors wired to a tube TV to the 21st century pros who attach upscale displays like a LCD touchscreen monitor rental. It takes all kinds.


Yes, Content is Still King

Gamers built the foundation on which console makers will build future models, but that future will be a little different. (Okay, a lot.) Console makers are attempting to bring nongamers to the party by positioning their devices at “the center of the living room experience.” Consoles are now as powerful as a high-end computer rental and aren’t just for games. They’re another way to watch Netflix, surf the web, upload photos, send email and chat it up over Skype. Sony, Microsoft, and their various partners realize that they will generate more revenue from services, video and music than from gaming alone.

By the end of January 2014, the PS4 had amassed a solid sales lead, selling a total of 6+ million units to the Xbox’s 4+ million. This ratio is holding steady for later sales launches, such as in the UK and Europe. The content creators that work in animation and post-production with render farms and other high-tech tools are watching these figures, too. Moving forward, Sony and Microsoft want to lay claim to your main/central/family entertainment center, as strategized years ago when they said the Xbox would offer “games and everything else.” The future is here: The big bucks are in “everything else.”

Sony’s in a Great Position

With “the digital convergence” well underway, it is much easier to add general computing functionality to powerful game consoles than to add high-end gaming power to, say, an iMac. This puts Sony, a diversified media empire, in an enviable strategic position. With in-house content and expertise, plus longtime partnerships around the world, Sony can bring the goods in all departments, with games still part of the mix. And the mix should see all of your devices playing nice: You can even use an iPad rental as an “official” second screen controller and viewer with the PS4.

PS4 has had the edge since it debuted in North America on Nov. 15 and Europe on Nov. 29. (The Xbox One had a single global release into 13 markets on Nov. 22.) The PS4 is $100 less than the Xbox One, yet another variable in the competition. Sony is releasing the PS4 in Japan on February 22. The Xbox One? Sometime “in 2014,” says Microsoft. If Sony adds to its sales lead in its home market, and continues a sales ratio of 1.5-to-1 versus the Xbox One, the PS4 is going to start looking like the presumptive winner in The Battle for Your Living Room.

CRE Rentals isn’t ready to battle in your living room but we can provide all the technology tools you need to get your graphic-intense project done or help you make a statement at an upcoming event. If you know what you need, complete the online Quote form. Otherwise, give us a call at 877-266-7725.

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