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August 7th, 2013

You all know we like to have our fun, right? These “Gear & Gadget” blogs are a good mix of fun, tech, wit, and insight, and today we have a most eclectic collection of items for your perusal. Shall we?

Robotic Spider

robot spiderDefinitely for the person who has everything, the Robugtix T8 arachnid costs over $1,300, with most of the money going to the sophisticated electronics inside. The outer shell, well constructed of quality material, is produced on 3D printers (we’ll let you know when our printer rentals inventory expands to include them) and is said to look quite real. That observation extends to its movements (“incredibly realistic”), which are driven by 26 small motors under the direction of the Bigfoot Inverse Kinematics Engine. The T8 can move around autonomously, or you can control your eight-legged pet with the included remote.

Keep On Keepin’ On

Released so recently that it only works with Android 4.0 or above, Google Keep is yet another “digital Post-It note” app. The idea of digital memos is not a new concept, and the Keep product introduction seemed from another era. What with Evernote, the Mac’s Stickies, and a gajillion other note-takers, it’s not as if there’s an unserved niche. But Keep debuted the week after Google Reader died, so it got little publicity. Google says Keep was designed not just to “jot ideas down,” buGoogle Keep icont to tailor notes with photos, hyperlinks, checklists, calendars, and more—and do so whether you’re working on your PC, iPad rental, smartphone, or other device. Notes are stored on Google Drive, so you can easily search entries via your browser or the Android app (sorry, Apple fans).

Hermit Housing

Renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano has designed a high-tech, low-impact micro-home with the somewhat fanciful name of Diogene. The design and production used the same high-tech approachDiogene-Eco-Homees familiar to the engineer-designers who rent our render farms and other leading-edge gear. “Maximum minimalism” is a perfect term for this hermit home’s theme, since you shower in collected rainwater, use a green toilet, and generate your own electricity. Great care has gone to optimizing the use of space, as long as you don’t have too much to store. In the Diogene you have a way to live a low-tech lifestyle, albeit one that would be impossible without the high-tech tools and materials that went into its construction.

The Firefox Phone

So there’s the Facebook phone. Then there are plans for phones that run on Linux (the Ubuntu model may be first). Now come phones based on web browsers, the first being the Firefox phone. South AmericanFirefox Phone Telefonica has two phones running on the Firefox OS. The ZTE One and Alcatel One Touch Fire are on sale now in Colombia and Venezuela, with a launch in Brazil slated for Q4 2013. Strong momentum is building behind the Firefox OS and other web-centric alternatives, and this is just the beginning. The platforms, the “content ecosystems,” and the number of compatible devices, from refrigerators with web-browsing screens to tablet PCs still on the drawing board, will continue to grow.

Whether you need a powerful high-tech tool like our AJA IO HD, or need an expert’s help in choosing the most effective convention rentals, CRE is your one-stop shop. Call (877) 266-7725, send us a message, or use our Quick Rental Quote form if you know what you need. We are here to help—any challenge, any time—so call now!

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