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November 15th, 2011

In our “Gear & Gadget Updates”, CRE Rentals looks for things that are convenient and clever, helpful and hip, new and newsworthy – and this time we are focusing on smart solutions to common problems.

Boogie Board Rip LCD writing tablet

LCD Writing TabletThe newest Boogie Board Rip LCD writing tablet from Kent Displays is the first one that can save your notes and sketches. With the introduction of this new model, the firm now offers a comprehensive line of “eWriters” that are viable, paperless alternatives to other media. Unlike Windows-based tablet PC rentals, however, the Boogie Boards do not convert handwriting to text, but save everything as high-resolution PDF files. The addition of handwriting recognition in the future will make the Boogie Boards even more valuable than they already are.

A beast of a bag

The Bheestie Bag (pronounced “beastie”) is a welcome solution to a very common problem – wet mobile devices. Surely you – okay, someone you know – must have dropped a phone or mp3 player in the sink, toilet or pool. The Bheestie Bag is made to save that electronic gizmo by pulling the moisture out. Unzip the Bheestie Bag and place the drenched device in it, and the special beads do their work.

The company tested the bag (so you don’t have to) with phones and other handheld devices like our digital recorder rentals. The product dimensions are not given, but the testimonials include success stories with cameras, and the bag appears large enough for small tablets with 7″ screens, too. For about $20, it seems like good insurance.

USB chargers for iPod, iPhone and iPad

It’s always smart to have extra chargers for your mobile devices, and two  new products worth a look: the InCharge Home USB and the Energizer USB Charger. They both have 10 watts of power, both are designed for the same types of devices and both solve another common problem – staying “powered up” on the go. Whether it’s your smart phone or an iPad rental, you’re covered.

The InCharge model’s thin wall plug has flip-out prongs, making it easy to share wall outlets. (The Energizer’s plug is similar but somewhat thicker.) If you’re a seasoned techie traveling with a MacBook Pro, you can recharge many devices from its USB ports. But millions of people don’t travel with a laptop, so the InCharge and Energizer products are real problem-solvers. The InCharge costs a bit more than the Energizer, but both are affordable if you shop wisely.

At CRE, we know value, just as we know technology, and that’s why we are the premier source for convention, trade show, audio-visual, computer and post-production solutions. From mass storage to Audience Response Systems (ARS), out expert Account Executives can help you achieve your goal, too. One call or e-mail, or a few clicks on our Quick Rental Quote form, and you are ready to roll!

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