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October 1st, 2013

Once again, we take a day off from serious stuff—new flexible displays, Microsoft’s woes, the latest from Apple—and consider some of the fun, cool things that technology makes possible. Countless ideas for low-, mid-, and high-tech “fun ’n’ games” are percolating throughout the world. Many are quite innovative, others a bit odd, and some just plain silly. Be that as it may, here are some the latest ideas for digital diversion.

Straighten me out, man!

Posture-Alert_diagram2Those of us who spend much of our work and leisure time hunching in front of a screen are beginning to learn just how much havoc it can wreak on our bodies. Instead of having a physical therapist boss you around at a health facility after the damage is done, you can buy a desktop gadget to keep you attentive to your posture now. The Visomate USB Posture Alert Reminder plugs into your computer and clips to your MacBook Pro screen or desktop monitor. It then tracks your position with ultrasonic waves, alerting you when you lean up too close or bend back too far. Lean too far left or right and you get a flashing LED.

Were the 1980s really that great?

Nostalgia is a great marketing tool, and the 1980s are what a lot of folks these days seem to feel nostalgic about. Insert a CRE iPad rental, or your own device, into a scale model arcade game cabinet and you have all you need for an awesome iCadecelebration of 30 years of gaming. A free Atari’s Greatest Hits app is included, and the iCade works with over 500 games including 100 Atari classics such as Centipede, Asteroids, and Battlezone. You can avail yourself of the usual in-app purchases, but you are also able to update existing and future apps for use with the iCade. A full-size joystick, eight fat arcade-style buttons, and a period-perfect look and feel promise hours—eventually years—of exciting, nostalgic fun.

Entertainment for the throne room

The iPod has always been a mobile device, and you can get alarm clock docks, belt clips, car drink-holder inserts, and phony boom boxes to keep it close at hand or take it far afield. It even has a place among the event production rentals you acquire for that big conference, as we’ve discussed in previous blogs, since it’s a great way to carry media in a small form factor. Atech Flash iPod-TP-DockTechnology has now taken the iconic iPod to the final frontier—the bathroom.

The iCarta2 Stereo Dock for iPod with Bath Tissue Holder is not the slickest product name ever, but it offers a complete description. Mounted on the wall, the iCarta2 features four thankfully “moisture-free speakers.” Two fold out from each side, providing nubs on the inside surfaces to mount the toilet paper roll. It also charges your iPod while it’s docked, so you can keep the party going as long as you need.

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