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May 19th, 2011

If you read PC Magazine and MacWorld, and visit such tech sites as, you will encounter plenty of pundits with predictions. While some predictions are quite accurate, they don’t all trace back to a leak in upper (or lower) management. How do the prognosticators do it?

Talk a lot, but listen more

Tech writers talk to a zillion people daily, while listening to even more. In addition, they read – and a lot of that reading is about components, the various pieces that go into your PC or CRE’s iPad rentals. In the same way that other industry “reporting and statistics” firms follow PC makers and hard drive manufacturers, Displaybank tracks the display industry. Drilling down into the facts and figures, some tech writers have predicted display trends with uncanny accuracy.

In fact, this is how the Apple watchers figured out the new iPad 2 was nearing completion and that the new iMacs were about to debut in May. They read in foreign media and on the Web about shipments of touch screens in particular form factors, crunched some Displaybank figures and then crafted their predictions.

So… what’s coming?

Some tech writers are convinced that Apple is going to put its logo on a TV as part of the firm’s plan for “total domination of the media.” With wireless streaming, touchscreen controls, Web browser, etc., it would likely be the very definition of “smart TV.” Whether CRE would offer such a product alongside its computer rentals and high-end post-production gear would depend on how useful such a TV would be for business. Of course, it still has to be built.

With Displaybank expecting the LCD TV market in China to increase 18% from 2010, both Chinese panel components and branded TVs  will continue to be in great demand. With newly aggressive promotion of 3D TVs (by the way, CRE rents 3D TVs), demand for special 3D panels is expected to increase sharply this year. As the numbers start showing up at the Displaybank site as part of new shipment reports, pundits will continue making better and better predictions about this 3D trend.

One thing that CRE stands for is knowledge. We know computers, we know post-production, we know video, we know convention rentals – we know how to help you in so many ways. Make a call or send an e-mail and an experienced Account Executive will help you, or help yourself with our Quick Rental Quote form. Either way, we predict success!

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