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November 13th, 2012

Toward the end of 2011 we felt confident enough to publish a two-part blog listing “10 New Technologies You’ll See in 2012.” It was partly consensus reporting, but primarily our own take on things, so let’s look at how it all turned out.

1. Windows 8. “Windows 7 came out ahead of…schedule due to the low adoption rates of Vista,” we wrote in late August 2011, noting it was “well received” on our desktop PC computer rental. We said that 2012′s Windows 8 would be a “complete overhaul”, and it was – and it’s looking good. HIT

2. New components and form factors. We talked about going to rent laptops in the future and getting electronic “scrolls,” but thought features from the “next generation laptop design” – like the “flexible OLED screen” – would show up “in new products…starting next year.” Didn’t happen. MISS

Scroll-form PC - the wave of the future?3. Smart TVs. Vizio’s XVT3D6SP, we wrote, “won CNET’s Best of CES award” and has “Google in the DNA” for a powerful pairing with Android. In our opinion, the Vizio was the “trailblazer” into a fast-paced “era of net- and computer-connected TVs.” They’re cheaper every year, too. HIT

4. iPhone 5. Some rumormongers said Apple needed a “radical new design” while others expected the firm’s typical, “evolutionary” product development. We foresaw a new processor and better cameras like those “in MacBook Pro rentals.” HIT

5. LightPeak aka Thunderbolt. Sony VAIO models were getting Thunderbolt (no one calls it “Lightpeak” anymore) like ”the new iMac rentals,” so we predicted “other computer makers [would] follow.” It’s slow going, and still mostly a “Mac thing,” so this one’s a push. TOSS-UP

6. Android 4. We said that “Android is a solid alternative” as a phone/tablet OS, and noted the huge interest in Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich. It did not disappoint. Neither did its successor, Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. HIT

7. Branded tablets. Today’s Kindle line from Amazon includes an impressive HD model and several others running Android. “Aggressive pricing is a given,” we said, predicting that “innumerable other companies” would enter the tablet market. Right on both counts. HIT

SSDs8. Hybrid hard drives. We said “hybrid drives will combine…SSDs with big conventional drives.” For “large-scale storage today,” we counseled, “rely on Ethernet disk RAID rentals,” but we predicted “a variety” of hybrids in 2012. Apple has its new Fusion Drive, but it’s not a thriving niche yet. MISS

9. Multi-touch commands. “The futuristic trackpads on the new MacBook Pro rentals…introduced multi-touch commands,” and we predicted that you would find “touch commands on everything from vending machines to refrigerators.” We forgot to add stovetops. HIT

10. Wireless everything. “[W]e really mean everything this time,” we insisted last year. We predicted dramatic “advances in wireless power and charging stations,” but there are presently two competing standards. As for “wireless everything,” everybody got that rightHIT

We’d call 7 Hits, 2 Misses, and a Toss-Up – a 75% score – not great in high school, but pretty doggone good in the tech blogosphere. One indisputable area of our expertise is convention rentals, while another encompasses all the top post-production gear. A call or e-mail gets it done, but the Quick Rental Quote page may get it done faster if you know what you need. Either way, we’re here to help!

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