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March 18th, 2010

Today, companies of all kinds need to consider security. It used to be large firms or retail stores that used video surveillance and other tools, but with lawsuits concerning hostile workplaces, harassment and on-the-job injuries, more and more companies are equipping their properties with security cameras. Originally, systems were clunky and hard to control, but with the continuing progress in computing and communications,Security Systems new technologies emerged to combine the speed of computers with evolving camera and motion/heat sensors capabilities.

First things first with security systems

Do not go too fast when you decide to get a CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) system for your business. Approach the decision as any other, with research, study and plenty of poking around the right Web sites. You need to learn about pan/tilt/zoom cameras, wireless technology, DVRs and NVRs (Digital Video Recorders and Network Video Recorders), and the ways in which they work with computers as a central “command post.”

As with many first-time projects, it might behoove you to get one of the CRE Mac Pro rentals to use for your first setup, so you don’t have to ‘borrow’  other workstations from their current and ongoing duties. If you have PCs, you have even more choices of software, as Windows is far more widespread than the Mac OS. In that case, consider one of the CRE desktop rentals like the HP 8600, a powerful computer that can accommodate any surveillance setup.

Security offers multiple benefits

When you do decide to make the move to installing a system, remember that even the sight of a few pan/tilt/zoom cameras outside your business has a deterrent effect. You should not gamble on dummy cameras for an entire installation, but you can add a few in non-critical areas to buttress the message sent by the real ones. Software from commercial packages to freeware are available, and there is a particularly high number of shareware specialty programs for the Windows platform. Mac users have multiple options, too, as do users of Linux PCs.

A CCTV system, in fact, can safeguard your business in many ways. You can document accidents or other incidents involving customers, employees or both, and simply having the cameras can reduce your insurance premiums, too. Of course, having a safe, secure store environment – or office building, warehouse or studio – can be used as a selling point when promoting your business, too.

If you want to do a “test run” for a new computer-based security system, or need high-tech help for any kind of project from animation production to audience polling, our expert Account Executives will get you set up right. Call or e-mail for assistance, or fill out our Quick Rental Quote form, and you will be assisted swiftly and effectively. We’re here to support you, every day, in every way.

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