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December 6th, 2012

In our blogs about cool gadgets, we normally focus on the products rather than the incredible advances being made in the way they’re manufactured. We’ll give a nod to those gadget blogs with news from Sony and Microsoft about their iconic game consoles, but will reserve the balance of this article for information on the latest CPUs, touch technology, and “3D everything.”

A Heavyweight Bout

Nintendo’s Wii U, first of the eighth-generation game consoles, rolled out this year to a positive reception. Microsoft and Sony—makers of rival consoles Xbox and PlayStation, respectively—will respond inWii U Controller - with embedded Touchscreen 2013 with the Xbox 720 and the PS4. The Xbox 720 is outfitted with a 16-core CPU (!) and a famously high-end graphics card. Sony’s PS4 is capable of 3D gaming in full HD (1080p), and can use its superior graphics processor for screen resolutions of 4000 x 2000 pixels, beyond even the Retina display of our MacBook Pro rental. This is a battle of heavyweights, as game consoles are among the most powerful off-the-shelf, consumer-level computing/display devices you can get.

Flexible Touch Sensors for Everything

Touch technology has migrated to flexible film and entered the tablet and phone manufacturing processes. As film-based sensors quickly evolve due to being flexible, cheap, light, and super thin, their use in industrial and consumer products will touch everythingbe widespread. Remember, the touch screens on our iPad rental or your phone represent but one application of touch technology. Watch for the new sensors on refrigerators, auto dashboards, light switches, cigarette lighters, and coming generations of our touchscreen LCD monitor rental. Products requiring touch control can now be sleek or textured, curved or straight, beveled or edgeless—and the sensors will work with all materials.

3D Grows to New Dimensions

We’ve heard this before. Wasn’t 3D’s “immersive realism” supposed to be irresistible—back in 2009 when Avatar was released? To be honest, although the pace has been surprisingly sedate, 3D is becoming an accepted element of TV, movies, the web, games and even tablet/smart phone apps – especially as passive 3D technology (no glasses required) develops. Beyond the Blu-ray recorders and players, tablets, phones, and game consoles that would employ 3D, its use in plasma display rentals and other large monitors would offer an exciting new design environment. For now, Apple’s Cinema Display rentals and Retina display are ideal for detailed graphics work.

Chips Down to 14 Nanometer Production Process

Without getting bogged down in geek-talk about nanometers (nm), Xserve RAID arrays, or chip-making equipment, the bNew chips will have tiny componentsig CPU news is that Intel’s “next generation of microprocessor technology” includes a 14nm manufacturing process. (A carbon atom is one-third of a nanometer, or 0.34nm, to give you an idea of the Lilliputian scale of modern semiconductor manufacturing.) What it means is smaller transistors – and more of them – for faster, cooler, and more efficient computing power. Wait’ll the iMac has one of those babies!

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