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December 2nd, 2010

We strive to keep you updated on “all things tech,” particularly devices that you work with daily and keep you in business – like a training room full of our powerful computer rentals or an editing bay equipped with high-end post-production gear like the AJA Io HD rentals. You probably have at least a few hours (minutes?) left over each week to have some geeky fun, so here’s the latest in cool gadgetry from around the world.

New Dell high-tech hybrid

Dell Inspiron DuoDell is still trying to drum up some excitement in the tablet/pad market after the so-so reaction to its Streak device. Its new Inspiron Duo is powered by one of the fastest dual-core Atom processors, runs Windows 7 Premium and has a 10-inch touchscreen. What sets it apart is the hidden keyboard that flips out when you “have to do work,” as a Dell marketing executive explained at September’s Intel Developer Forum. Apparently Dell considers Apple’s iPad an entertainment device, which would be news to the many people who take advantage of CRE’s iPad rentals.

Hello – and good buy!

Three big cell phone carriers in the U.S. have banded together to create a new service called ISIS, based on Near Field Communication (bursts of short-range radio data). In addition to being great multitaskers already (as discussed in a blog about the unlocked iPhone), your smart phone can now use your credit and debit card accounts for purchases, and that’s just the beginning. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon plan to make ISIS much more than just another way to spend money by adding rewards, discount coupons, public transit passes and other goodies to the mix. Some 200 million customers in “key geographic markets” (if you have to ask, you’re not in one) will see ISIS unveiled over the next 12-18 months.

“Giftech” ideas for the holidays

Technology gadgets typically top the list for gift-giving ideas and this year is no exception. With prices for external Blu-ray recorders falling fast,  Sony has a new external Blu-ray burner and player that is Mac-and-PC-compatible product and at a very competitive price. You can also find deals on a Nintendo DS Lite which doesn’t offer 3D gaming, but the screen is bright, the action sizzles and the Nintendo label is still plenty chic.

We think it’s chic to work smart, frankly. Call or e-mail one of our experienced Account Executives, or use the Quick Rental Quote form, and we can help you figure out the smart way to handle that new project, upcoming conference or in-house training session. Whatever you need to do, CRE has you covered!

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