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June 29th, 2012

CRE Rentals offers the latest on new technology gadgets and goodies for work and play that include software updates, music and robots.

iOS 6: Update

iOS 6

Apple’s iOS 6 is not a gadget, but it powers some of the most widely used ones in the world, so it is always newsworthy. The latest: Apple just sent “iOS 6 beta 2″ to its developer community, but don’t expect any surprises or “aha” moments since the primary focus is on bug fixes to advance the software to final release. There will be more incremental beta releases before that, so there are plenty of bits and pieces for Apple to polish over the summer.

Mini music mixer

IK Multimedia’s latest gotta-have-it gear is the iRig MIX, which does exactly what its name implies. iRig MIXPlug two instruments (or devices) into the two independent channels, or split the signal from a single iOS device into dual mono. With a few items from our range of professional audio visual (AV) equipment rentals, you could build an entire exhibit booth extravaganza around this gadget. Although it was designed as a portable mixing solution for solo musicians and small ensembles that use iOS devices in live shows, the iRig MIX would be a great addition to any professional presenter’s gig bag.

High-end ear candy

The Marquee Media Center 2.0, described quite accurately as an “imposing” device, is a high-end one, too, with a price approaching $1,000. Simple, elegant aluminum encases a 2.4GHz dual-core Intel chip, DVD drive, 2TB of storage and 4GB of RAM  enabling the unit to play files from discs, drives, USB mass storage and the Internet. “No-brainer” setup requires two simple connections to (1) an external display like one of our Apple Cinema Display rentals and (2) your home network (WiFI or Ethernet). Okay, movie time!

Your robot servant 

iRobot Roomba 790Is it an appliance, a robot or a radio-controlled toy? If you’re talking about iRobot’s Roomba 790, a robotic vacuum with a touchscreen remote for real-time control, then the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” The wireless remote, sized halfway between an iPhone and our iPad rental, lets you control movements, schedule cleanings and get instant robot action by pushing the “Clean” button. This is the first Roomba with radio technology as opposed to infrared, so the Roomba doesn’t have to be in your line of sight for you to order it around. And it fairly sips power, running three to six months on four AA batteries (depending on how much of a “clean freak” you are, of course).

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