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February 16th, 2010

HP goes from netbook to “smartbook”

HP’s mobile computing division has taken a liking to one of the newer consumer-tech product categories, the “smartbook,” which refers to encasing smartphone components in a sleek “netbook” body. The Airlife 100, coming out under the Compaq label, uses Google’s Android platform, and the best rumor mills are reporting it will have a Snapdragon CPU.

HP AirlifeIt will also have a 16GB Solid State Drive (SSD), both 3G and WiFi connectivity, a 10.1-inch touchscreen and (of course) the whole pile of cute Android apps with their colorful icons. HP is claiming an impressive 12-hour battery life with an incredible 10 days of standby power. In partnership with Telefonica, this unit will be offered in a subsidized mobile broadband service plan, but only in Europe and Latin America for now. It may be renamed something like the “HP Mini” if and when it comes to the U.S., but for now it’s another great product Americans don’t get first.

Apple moving into TV territory

Apple’s first attempt to corner the digital TV market, the slow-selling AppleTV, has been holding on, waiting for some “killer app” to make it a must-buy. This may not be the thing to do it, but Apple has still raised more than a few eyebrows with the announcement that its iTunes store will begin selling standard-definition (SD) TV shows for a dollar, half the original price.

On Thursday, February 11, the Financial Times reported that Apple reached agreement with an unspecified group of providers to sell their shows for “a buck.” Taking effect around the time the iPad starts shipping, probably in late March, this could give iPad buyers something to do with their new gizmos. However, no mention has been made of HD shows, which makes some insiders think that “old media” execs don’t want to give AppleTV a way up in the crowded entertainment market. For a look at how the TV industry has treated interlopers, just read about the Boxee incident.

Office for Mac 2011

It won’t be long before Office for Mac 2011 will debut, and it will have many of the features that are popular in the PC version of Office 2010. “Sometime this year” is as specific a release date as Microsoft has mentioned for the update

As with Office 2010, the Mac’s Office 2011 will let users access documents online with Microsoft Office Web Apps. Observers consider this strategy Microsoft’s way of joining the growing number of cloud-based productivity programs, where there is stiff competition from Google. Web Apps include “lite” versions of PowerPoint, OneNote, Word and Excel. Users will access services with a Windows Live account, but a number of functions will only be available in the full-priced version of Office.

Office 2011 offers improvements in collaborative work flow, allowing co-workers to become “co-authors” of documents, and from different locations. There are new features to prevent lost edits and address other productivity issues like recovering from crashes. Microsoft has finally added the ribbon, its interface tool for recent versions of Office for PC, to this Mac edition, saying that “the ribbon delivers a modern and fluid experience and also gives you a more consistent experience across platforms, which is key to productivity as 75 percent of Mac users also use a PC.”

CRE offers its customers a “modern and fluid experience,” too, and we also work “across platforms” with Macs and PCs both. Whatever you need for your productivity, from post-production to conference breakout rooms, our professional Account Executives are here to help. Call or e-mail for a quick reply, or use the Quick Rental Quote form if you already know what you need. Either way, a click or a call puts us to work for you, fast.

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