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October 12th, 2010

In our last two blogs (Tech Predictions Past and Present – Part 1 and Part 2) we reviewed the spotty record of “tech predictions” in the past. 2010 Technology Winners & Losers - CRE RentalsToday we’re looking at the winners and losers in 2010 – and what the pundits and oddsmakers are betting on for 2011. The lesson of those recent blogs? Hedge your bets!

Integrating personal and corporate assets

The average corporate PC is almost five years old. However, corporate workers have been buying all kinds of smart phones (with exciting 4G models), e-book readers, wireless doohickeys and potent little laptops for themselves, at constantly falling prices. As we head toward 2011, IT departments will feel increasing pressure from both managers and workers to tie personal tech into corporate workflows. CRE’s iPad rentals show that these devices can be true productivity enhancers, too.

Facebook fatigue

Facebook is going to level off at some point, as users are already reporting that cybertedium is setting in. Twitter takes time to use well, and LinkedIn works to the extent that you leverage the revamped Answers feature and position yourself as an expert. These social sites are in the process of evolving into corporate tools.

Staffing stalls (investment, too)

During times like 2010 (and likely into 2011) when hiring is flat and funds are scarce, managers continue to look for ways to get just as much, often more, from the same size staff and the same set of tools. CRE computer rentals are a proven way to increase productivity without investing precious capital in new equipment, with bang for the buck that continues to grow with ongoing technological advances.

The big loser of 2010

Amazon passes eBay:’s stock is higher than it was even during the dot-com stock bubble of 1999-2001. Because its vendor agreements require greater transparency than eBay’s, is a more secure buying experience. Just like CRE’s reputation for having the latest, greatest iMac rentals whether you need two or 20,’s reputation puts people at ease, too.

Big winners of 2011?

IT pros who live and breathe social networking: Social networking sites grew incredibly fast over the last several years, but individual users may be tiring of them a bit (see “Facebook fatigue” above). Corporate use, however, is on the rise, as witness by first-rank advertisers promoting their Facebook pages instead of their corporate sites in TV and print campaigns. IT workers who can combine their tech expertise with insights into social media marketing will become even more valuable over the next year. If you want to test those waters at your firm, CRE’s Mac Pro rentals pair up nicely with our Xserve rentals to create a workstation with which you can run all those ideas up the virtual flagpole.

No matter what the trends are, we are on top of them and know how to help you leverage them for your greatest benefit. Call or e-mail one of our seasoned Account Executives, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form, and we’ll deliver the solutions you need, fast!

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