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May 11th, 2010

It’s not only Google, Apple and Microsoft that are leading the way in gadgets, technology trends, computing and communications. Thousands of small companies are innovating, creating and imagining the future, too. As we head toward the halfway point (yes, already) of 2010, the following services, products, trends and innovations are either available or arriving shortly. Some will be duds, but some may affect your life for years to come.


In some markets life-casting is already possible. it will become a global trend as more of the world is blanketed with 24/7 cell phone users, who will use high-speed 3G (and 4G) networks to fulfill their craving to connect with others in every imaginable way. New Web sites like enable people to stream live video from their cell phones to the Web with no glitches and a dead-simple setup. YouTube clips share captured moments, but are mere video snapshots compared to live streams that deliver real-time happenings. One question: Is everyone’s life really that interesting?

Body-controlled video games

The Wii devices started the trend, and now all the game consoles are at it. The new Microsoft Xbox controller, with technology called Project Natal, follows your dance moves, ball kicks and bat swings with an infrared camera and displays them on-screen. Voice commands are possible, too. Sony is releasing the PlayStation Motion Controller wand, to do the same thing as your body would (but it’s easier). With advances in remote control technology, we won’t be stuck with the same gamepads or joysticks popularized back in the Stone Age (the 1980s and 1990s). Graphic artists currently using CRE Mac Pro rentals with Wacom tablets should watch for new developments in input technology to grow from these devices.

Content aggregators for you and similar services help you locate related stories and images online. Others like YouTube let you share silly or serious videos. does both, but for a different reason. It’s an “aggregator,” like the others, but it works with videos, documents, Web sites, photos, images and e-mails, allowing you to store everything “in the cloud” but share it wherever you want. It is not another, just for storage, as it is made to display and distribute your digital assets. Companies planning a massive archiving project may wish to grab a few large-screen LCD monitor rentals and Xserve RAID rentals to ensure enough storage space – and enough screen real estate to see everything.

Satellite tape measures

GeoEstimator is a new service that uses satellites to make roof, lot and building measurements that are every bit as accurate as on-the-scene ones. This service promises to save a lot of contractors, estimators and insurance adjustors from possible falls. The same technology is being used to determine property boundaries, estimate public works projects and integrate more satellite data into daily life, including GPS positioning and atmospheric readings.

At CRE, we are innovators, too, and keep our eyes firmly fixed on the changing tech landscape. For all your needs, call or send an e-mail to our expert Account Executives, or use the Quick Rental Quote form, and get the latest gadget you need, quickly and easily.

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