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March 10th, 2011

• The Apple iPad 2 launch on March 2 was the expected success, with Steve Jobs energetically lobbing Apple adjectives – “seamless,” “natural,” “creative” – to an excited, Apple-loving audience. The iPad 2 is pretty much what we described in our recent “Eye on the iPad 2″ blog, with two cameras, upgraded A5 chip, better battery, and a streamlined case. We expect our iPad rentals to grow, in fact, as more and more applications bring the ever-more-powerful device into digital workflows everywhere.

• Google is continuing its push for world (not just Web) domination, at least according to those who keep tabs on potential world dominators. The company just released “Honeycomb” (Android 3.0), the first version of its Operating System (OS) made for devices other than cell phones. That’s enough for half a great “padlet” device. Until Honeycomb is available in a device as well designed and as cool as the iPad, Apple products will remain king of the hill.

• Wireless power technology is not just making headlines these days – it’s here. Research has been ongoing for years, making for exciting stories, but now there are actual products like Duracell’s MyGrid. It is similar to others on the market, like the Mojo Pad and the Powermat – you drop your devices on the surface to recharge them. Right now, the systems require a sleeve or other “receiver” on the devices you want to recharge, but research continues with the ultimate goal of power that can be transmitted – to computer rentals, iPads and everything else.

3D monitors aren’t new, but the technology is evolving quickly. The new Acer GN245HQ is a new display using the 3D graphics solution from NVIDIA, and supports Full HD and 3D imagery on its 24-inch screen. It’s perfect for the type of film, video and animation professionals that work with our render farm rentals, but the company is also targeting gamers. You still need to wear special glasses, but they are leading edge with active shutter technology. CRE knows display technology, like our state-of-the-art touchscreen LCD monitor rentals, and when the best 3D experience doesn’t require goggles, we will add the best available option. We’ll keep you posted!

There are lots of other technology updates, upgrades and news we are keeping an eye on for you but in the meantime, need a dozen iMac rentals for a training session or Ethernet disk RAID rentals for a mountain of media or post-production? CRE’s got you covered. Call or e-mail our expert Account Executives, or use the Quick Rental Quote form, and get the right solution, right now.

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