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November 6th, 2012


MadCatz ProTwo forms of entertainment have driven the Internet Era’s technological progress. Gaming is the one we can talk about in polite company. For today’s gamers there is an embarrassment of high-tech riches. But busy pros who are more likely to rent laptops than the latest multiplayer game don’t know amazing devices like this next one even exist.

With a name so long you have to stop and take a breath, Mad Catz’ Tritton Pro+ True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset is a $200 game console headset. Each earpiece has (get this) four separate drivers and its own individual subwoofer, making the sound from your Xbox or PS3 downright dangerous. You get an inline remote, and can monitor your own voice, too, so you can remind yourself not to blow out your eardrums.Not High Tech, but High Concept?


Musical Wine Glasses have markings that tell you just how much to pour to get the notes you want. The more glasses you buy (and, of courseBe sure to pair with the Fireplace App for max effect, the more wine you pour), the more musical variety you can muster up. It’s not high-tech, but here’s a plan: Get an iPad rental, download the Fireplace Log app, get the glasses and the vino, and invite your significant other to the living room for a romantic interlude.


Livescribe’s first “smartpen” was the Echo, which plugs into a PC’s USB port to facilitate recording and transcription. Now the technology goes wireless with the Sky Wi-Fi Pen. Your writing and drawing is digitized in real-time and saved wirelessly, andSky WI-Fi Pen securely, to your free Evernote account. You can also record audio, continuously or intermittently, and later tap your notes anywhere to replay from that point in time.

Evernote stores everything in the cloud, so you can connect from anywhere on any Internet-connected device, from a desktop computer rental to an Android tablet or phone. You can use Livescribe Player to replay anything and everything stored in your Evernote account, or even share it with others, whether they’re across the room or across the ocean.


The MIO Active Connect is a “weight-loss wristwatch” that just might be the first of its kind. It differs markedly from other fitness monitors on the market as it has been designed to do more than just keep an accurate record of the calories you burn daily and weekly. The Active Connect uses the data it acquires to figure out how yMIO Active Connect Watchou can lose more weight, more effectively.

It can plug into your MacBook, desktop Mac, Windows laptop, or PC, for uploading stats or linking to Twitter, Facebook, and other web services. You can also avail yourself of the web app MyFitnessPal, a free cloud-based diet diary and calorie-counting aid.

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