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November 12th, 2013

CRE Rentals takes a closer look at some of the latest technology gadgets from serious to fun…

Be good to your eyes

Making a presentation on a bright LCD monitor rental in the conference room is one thing, but huddling daily in an office or cubicle leaning into your computer, tablet, or smartphone screens is different—possibly dangerous, as we’ve discussed. Fluorescent lights and computer monitors have shifted strongly to the blue end of the spectrum, which focuses on the retina differently than the rest of the spectrum. But if color is the problem, perhaps it is also the solution.

Amber GlassesYou can do a little test yourself: Stare at a blue LED and you’ll see a halo, but beware—you’ll get a headache before long as your eyes struggle to focus. But they simply can’t. The “color solution” is filtering out that pesky blue light. Its amber lenses enable Gunnar Computer Glasses to shift light toward red (warmer). The lens shape reduces eye-drying air currents, while protective coatings reduce glare. Read more about Gunnar in a 2012 HuffPost article by Dr. Robert Joyce, O.D.

Holding onto memories… literally!

As it slowly fades into obscurity, let’s honor the good ol’ hardworking hard drive with the Hard Drive iPhone CaseCase from Fred and Friends for all currently available iPhones. It’s a cool snap-on case that looks just like the real thing, just a bit smaller. The case is definitely hard, providing protection for your phone, and it’s perfectly shaped and chrome-colored. What makes it so retro-authentic, though, are all the symbols, stickers, and barcodes that decorate the actual drive cases.

As with any good phone case, all your buttons, lenses, and controls work normally. Given the accelerating shift to flash memory, which you’ll find in everything from CRE’s laptops to iPad rental, the Hard Drive Case may be the only clue some young folks get that early “digital devices” had electromagnetically moving parts. Fred and Friends has various “old school iPhone cases” available, mimicking old cameras, calculators, and transistor radios — a perfect gift for the tech geek in your life.

Suitcase Scooter …will it fly in U.S.?

Rather than being sold as a novelty or kids’ item, the made-in-the-UK Micro 3-in-1 Suitcase Scooter is being marketed as security compliant, easily transportable luggage that fits world-standard overhead lockers. But swivel the wheels on the bottom and a skateboard pops out. Lift the handle into the upright position and steer with any of three settings—soft, standard, hard—and you’ll be scooting to the departure gate! No moving sidewalk for you anymore, you’re now self-powered!

Your MacBook Pro rental or camera equipment will be safely transported, too, as the Micro’s build quality is good and its hard shell construction is sturdy. The color selection at the manufacturer’s site seems limited to black for this model. Just one question: If airports ban skates and skateboards with kids on ’em, how can these be okay?

When you need the latest gadget for your office or event, you can depend on CRE Rentals. With 21 locations nationwide, we have technology rentals to suit your needs. Learn more about our products and services by contacting us or chat with an experienced Account Executive at  (877) 266-7725.

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