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February 24th, 2011

iPad 2 won’t be late

Apple is a very cautious company, and doesn’t release much information on products in development. The company does not tolerate leaks to the press (it’s a firing-going-on-hanging offense), but that doesn’t stop sites like Mac Rumors, Apple Insider and Crazy Apple Rumors from proliferating.

Apple's iPad 2All the talk right now is about the iPad 2, the much-anticipated upgrade to CRE’s popular iPad rentals. Reuters and other sources reported a delay based on reports from Apple suppliers, but Reuters backtracked a day later. All indications are that the iPad 2 will be announced at the March 2 Apple media event.

Windows 8 for tablets?

Microsoft is working like mad to get back into the swing of things with pads and tablets. Famed “Microsoft watcher” Mary Jo Foley shared her latest discovery on the Engadget site, a slide purported to show the development and release time line for Windows 8. The focus is on touch screens, but any new OS would also run on the wide range of capable PCs in CRE’s computer rentals lineup, whether it’s a touch-enabled Sony VAIO L or other model.

The time line suggests a Windows 8 beta could be distributed around the time of Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC), which Foley says is coming in September. However, Microsoft has made no official announcement on PDC 2011 yet, causing a bit of consternation in the developer community. Computer makers should be getting the OS in the Summer of 2012 (again, according to rumors) with consumers able to buy a Windows 8 PC during holiday shopping season. Maybe.

Zooming with Xoom

Motorola XoomThe first models of Motorola’s Xoom tablet will ship without Flash support, although Adobe, maker of Flash, is countering the complaints by assuring consumers that a download will fix that “within a few weeks of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) devices becoming available.” Honeycomb is the first Android OS made specifically for devices other than phones, and offers the first decent alternative to iPads.

The Apple product, however, is insanely popular, as witnessed by the many iPad rental requests to CRE. In addition, the iPad is cutting edge (and, well, so cool), and is expected to remain the undisputed tablet champ for a good long while. CRE has had tablet PC rentals for years, and iPads since they debuted, and keeps an eye on tech R&D (and rumors, too) so you don’t have to.

All of CRE’s Account Executives are updated and informed, too, and ready to help if  you call or send an e-mail. Our convenient Quick Rental Quote form can make getting what you need even faster and easier. Whether you’re planning a conference and need convention rentals, or taking on a rush job requiring our powerful Mac Pro rentals, just let us know. We’re here to help you get it all done right – and right now, too!

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