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December 3rd, 2009

It’s not something we like to think about normally but the fact is that not everyone is honest. For years, companies that suffered employee theft and vandalism had very few unobtrusive means of employee monitoring. Today’s covert technologies have come to the rescue of these corporate victims and there are now any number of ways to prevent theft, personal use of technology (from phones to computers) and corporate espionage.

Whether you do the research yourself, or use a well-seasoned computer staffer or well-regarded IT partner, the range of employee monitoring capabilities is now quite broad. From on- or off-site network security protocols and keystroke-capturing software to site-wide videotaping, there are many subtle and effective ways to keep tabs on what your employees are doing with your company’s data and property.

Consider a test drive

Few business owners advocate unrestrained spying by any means necessary however, it is a prudent to implement security procedures to safeguard proprietary information and data.  One way is to test drive various wireless mini-cameras and other new devices on your PC, Mac or both (consider renting a computer for testing purposes).

You need a “multiple-track” approach to the issue of security. First, there is prevention. Inform employees in clear, understandable terms that employee monitoring is taking place, what is being protected and how it is being done. When you make it clear that you are not doing wide-ranging eavesdropping or illegal employee surveillance, most employees are both understanding and cooperative.

The other tracks

Network SecurityThere are also defensive moves to make. Learn how to read all your network activity reports. You need to see, from a printout or monitor display, who in your company is looking at (or copying) data, changing inventory figures or visiting “adult” sites. Knowing how to pinpoint the problems is key, and knowing right away is even better. The next time you talk about backup strategies and “crash recovery,” remember that security will be strongest if it is part of an overall strategy.

If you decide to investigate a security upgrade, be advised you may need to “test drive” both PC and Mac applications, in addition to cameras, interfaces and peripherals, as previously mentioned. With a Mac Pro rental from CRE,  you can run both Windows and Mac OS X programs, and keep your testing safely separated from your office networks when you need to do so. When you get ready to upgrade your approach to company security, request a technology rental quote from CRE for a swift response. Or, contact one of our expert Account Executives. We’re here to help you, and our only measure is your success.

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