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October 23rd, 2012

Driven by geometrically increasing demand and astonishing leaps of innovation, wireless technology is changing the world. This overall wireless technology trends are going globaltrend is accelerating as we scan the horizon in late 2012. Of the numerous individual wireless trends, some will catch fire while others fizzle. We’ve assembled, in no particular order, the Top 20 Hot Wireless Trends. These are the ones you need to know about, so we’re devoting two blogs to the topic. Read Part 2 on Thursday, October 25.

#1. Fabulous 4G
The fourth generation (4G) of mobile
wireless technology promises virtually instantaneous broadband. While the switch to 4G is truly life-changing, it’s not just a “phone thing”: you can get 4G on our iPad (3rd generation) rental, too.

#2. Death of PSTN
The Public Switched Telecom Network (PSTN) is the aging infrastructure carrying the world’s phone calls. It is losing out to Internet-based voice services using Virtual Private Networks (VPN) with wireless connections.

#3. Device Convergence
Even low-end phones are multitaskers. In a single handheld device you get GPS, games, office apps, web browsing, and entertainment. The high data rates required for such intensive operations? See #1 above.

#4. More Data in Less Time
To accommodate the “need for speed,” Local Area Network (LAN) standards continue evolving, with the new 802.11n standard supporting devices with transfer rates up to five times faster than 802.11g.

#5. Easier Resource Sharing
Users are sharing applications, files, printers, office equipment rentals and even single Internet connections over wireless networks. This empowers everyone from scientists to film crews with real-time and time-shifted collaboration as never before.

# 6. Geometric Growth
Worldwide the number of people with Internet access doubles every four years or so, and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) are used by a growing number of them. The 802.11 standard is supported by countless devices such as tablet PCs, computers, phones, and other wireless devices.

#7. Evolving Level of Security
Strong security is more important than ever. The latest evolution in security standards, WPA, has already begun to supersede WEP. If you rent laptops from CRE, you will see multiple layers of protection.

# 8. Ease of Use (Hardware)
It is now fairly easy to install a wireless router to share a single Internet connection, as well as a printer, an Xserve RAID and other resources. Routers also put up protective firewalls. 

# 9. Ease of Use (Software)
Manufacturers employ installation “wizards” to guide even inexperienced users through such formerly arcane processes as setting up a secure router

#10. Exponential Growth in Variety of Devices
Everything with wires is fair game for going wireless. Current trends include:

  • listening to music via wireless earbuds, headphones and speakers;
  • using wireless keyboards and remotes for wireless event polling with Audience Response Systems (ARS); and
  • broadcasting the daily “e-newspaper” and books to wireless e-book readers.

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