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October 25th, 2012

Part 1 of Top 20 Hot Wireless Trends ran on Tuesday, October 23, listing the first 10 of these exciting developments. Where are science and industry headed with the other 10? Read on!

Wireless Devices Abound

#11.  Medical Monitoring
With wireless technology and a new generation of sensors, it’s vastly easier to monitor patients’ vital signs. Effective monitoring can save lives previously lost to sleep apnea, heart failure, and other conditions. CRE’s iPad rental is already used in clinical settings, and the medical field is a huge growth area for wireless devices (and apps).

#12. Scavenging Energy from the Environment
Companies that should rent laptops for their conference teams may opt for tablets and smart phones simply for better energy efficiency. Energy requirements for mobile computing keep dropping, and future devices will “scavenge” their minimal energy needs from the environment (radio waves , motion, gravity, sunlight,  “petrol from air” and other sources).

#13. Self-healing Networks
Networks both major and minor must be both robust and sustainable. Throughout the communications infrastructure that connects every office worker’s iMac to the entire world and its store of knowledge, strategically placed wireless sensors will determine transmission paths, diagnose problems and “heal” the network as necessary.

#14. LANs for Rural Areas
Coverage challenges come in a lot of guises, including bad weather and rough terrain, but the most common problem is distance. The long cable runs required to deliver digital services in rural areas are prohibitively expensive. New kinds of wireless broadband will develop to meet this need.

#15. Wireless Asset Management
Already hugely popular around the world, RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology tracks products from manufacturing through recycling, taking asset management to a new level of efficiency. The size of a grain of rice, RFID devices are also used in remote-control applications (see #20 below).

#16. Broadcast Power, Wireless Recharging
Some computer mice are now powered wirelessly. If you could rent interactive kiosk units for conventions that use “broadcast power,” you’d have  infinitely more freedom to position them. There’s a ton of R&D money in this area today.

#17. Short Term Service Solutions
With increasing reliability on cloud-based productivity tools for business, and wireless service becoming a necessity for all of our mobile devices, the need to provide wireless access in spaces with limited or nonexistent network infrastructure is increasing.  Special events taking place in venues where wireless access is limited will require short term wireless solutions to provide connectivity, like the wireless network array rental offered by our partner AV Event Solutions.   

#18. Permanent Backward Compatibility
The 802.11 protocol for broadband wireless has continued to evolve ever-newer and -faster versions while maintaining full backward compatibility. As our MacBook Pro rental moves from Firewire to Thunderbolt to who-knows-what, wireless will continue to “simply work simply.”

#19. Accelerated R&D
Accelerated product development depends on the core component’s price coming down and its efficiency going up. The number of different applications and devices is unlimited, and getting them to market will be faster than ever.

#20. The Bionic Frontier
In 1998, Professor Kevin Warwick of the UK’s University of Reading had an RFID chip implanted in his arm, ostensibly to turn on lights when he entered a room, etc. Rather than a cheap stunt, however, Warwick’s experiment was a way to highlight the many ethical issues involved.

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