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November 30th, 2010

Recently there has been a veritable tidal wave of talk about “touchscreen this” and “touchscreen that” as the technology gets better, faster, smaller and less costly. The latest Apple iPod nano (no, they don’t capitalize it) has a 1.54-inch color touchscreen with a stunning 220ppi (pixels per inch) display. Sony VAIO Touchscreen Computer RentalBut touchscreen technology, as deployed in CRE’s potent Sony VAIO L computer rentals, is not just for entertainment. There is some serious work you can do with touchscreen displays, but it may not be what you were thinking. Let’s take a look.

Touch up or touch down?

One of Microsoft’s “cloud” commercials shows a high-tech Mom editing a family portrait. She is using a touchscreen PC, similar to the VAIO L, meaning she has to hold her arm up at shoulder height. About three more edits and the lady would have had to drop that tired limb! Sure, you can use touchscreens without tiring out, as long as you are spreading your action among the screen, the keyboard and the mouse. But if touchscreens are not perfect for everyday work (much less grueling audio, photo or video editing), where do they excel?

First, they excel in different positions and places. A touchscreen is fabulous in tablet PC rentals for note-taking and touch-driven workflows. And digitizing pads (essentially high-end, high-resolution touchscreens) let artists draw directly into graphics programs with the pad placed wherever they want it. You can also customize your touchscreen set-up to interact with clients, customers, colleagues or job applicants that you may encounter at a company meeting or trade show.

When is a kiosk not a kiosk?

Whether you use a VAIO L or a touchscreen LCD monitor rentals with another computer, the touch capabilities give you a powerful meeting/conference tool. You can create product demos, various forms and conference literature that can be accessed right at your table or exhibit booth – like having interactive kiosk rentals without the kiosks! Of course, kiosks are powerful additions to your conference presence and can run unattended, while your touchscreen set-up lets you assist several people at once.

If you watched election results this year, you likely noticed that everybody is using big, BIG touchscreens now. You can make a pretty dramatic presentation to a decent-size group with 32-inch touchscreen monitor rental.  As a presentation aid, a touchscreen is perfect, and it also makes a great training tool (as discussed in various training approaches). Used the right way, for the right things, touchscreens are becoming indispensable.

When you need solutions right now for project bottlenecks, conference sessions or storage needs, CRE is indispensable, too. Need a touchscreen for an upcoming event? Simply complete the Quick Rental Quote and our Account Executives are just one-touch away from assisting you.

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