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October 22nd, 2009

One of the main marketing phrases for the long-awaited Windows 7, officially released today, is, “Your PC, simplified.” This seems to parallel one of the main themes of the recent Mac OS X upgrade, Snow Leopard 10.6, which simplifies and accelerates many basic operations like starting up, opening folders and saving documents. Windows 7 is claiming better, faster ways to find and manage files, with handy tools like Jump Lists and improved taskbar previews. Computer desktop rentals available from CRE Rentals have already proven the stability and usability of both Mac and Windows for scores of customers doing every conceivable type of work, and we will continue to do so with all new OS releases.

Microsoft Windows 7 Software Logo

CRE will evaluate the Windows 7 software with its computer and laptop rental inventory to ensure that the speed improvements, a big part of the hype, translate into stable support for both 32- and 64-bit applications. Windows 7 PR releases claim it will help you take full advantage of high-end CPUs. If true, this will give businesses doing CPU-intensive work—animation, video editing and audio engineering—a compelling reason to make the transition.

Good looks, good features

Windows Vista’s signature feature, the colorful Aero environment, was a resource hog that barely worked on some early-2007 PCs promoted as “Vista-capable.” Windows 7 should perform well even on small, low-horsepower netbooks. CRE will be testing Windows 7 on its desktop and laptop rentals, but will make a measured, transparent transition and keep all modern Windows OS installs—XP, Vista and Windows 7—available for its diverse customers.

Operationally, the taskbar has been revised, and the thumbnail previews improve on Vista’s and work well even with multiple windows open for one program. The system tray offers far more user control and customizing, while User Account Control (UAC) is now usable—whereas the Vista version was so annoying that “off” was most users’ default. Another new feature, called Libraries, uses “virtual folders” to combine the contents of specified folders into a unified view. If you’re using Sony Vegas or other high-end video editing program on a powerful PC like H-P XW 8600 computer rental, this will really help keep your video clips at your fingertips.

There’s always something

Reviewers have pointed out a few disappointments. HomeGroups sounds great—it lets you share media and documents across a network—but it doesn’t let you make your own password, making you copy its 10 auto-generated characters of alphanumeric nonsense. To top it off, Microsoft takes a giant step away from interoperability by requiring all HomeGroup-connected PCs to run Windows 7. Not only is there no Mac compatibility, there isn’t even Windows compatibility. On the plus side, there should be no problem at all installing Windows 7 on an Intel Mac, like the Mac Pros, MacBooks, MacBook Pros and iMacs that CRE rents.

Windows boosters are hoping that “7″ is the lucky number that finally earns Microsoft-powered PCs parity with Macs among the creative pros. Whether you need a powerful PC, a legacy PowerMac G5 with Kona card, an Intel Mac or a special-use t0uch-screen tablet PC, CRE has you covered. Call or write our Account Executives for expert advice, or fill out the Quick Rental Quote form. At CRE, we keep you working, no matter what.

Is “7″ going to be lucky for Microsoft or not? Let us know.

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