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December 14th, 2010

Microsoft Windows 7 OSMicrosoft’s Windows 7 really was an historic milestone for consumer PCs, and signifies a break from any MS operating system (OS) of the past. We have blogged about its various features and benefits, but besides the technological discussion there is an important business decision to consider. Corporate users need to understand that time is running out on Windows XP, even as the latest reports show that over 60 percent of all users are still running the older OS instead of Windows 7 (and a few still use Vista). CRE’s computer rentals can be configured multiple ways, but the fact is that Windows 7 is the future and the future is on its way fast!

Windows 7 is built to dominate

Industry observers are nearly unanimous in agreeing that Windows 7 is significantly better than Vista and XP, and figure it to will be the dominant OS for both the corporate and consumer users within three or four years. While CRE is a recognized leader in Mac Pro rentals (along with the rest of the Apple line), we also have high-powered desktops, laptops and tablet PC rentals that run various flavors of Windows. However, Windows 7′s impressive improvements in security, manageability and features make it the OS of choice going forward.

Many Mac users are keeping their eyes on Windows 7, too, since all new Macs have Intel chips and can run Windows both natively and in virtualization – meaning you can boot up directly into Windows, or run it simultaneously with Mac OS X with a program like Parallels or VMware Fusion. Many of the creative professionals who count on CRE’s high-end AJA Io HD rentals, and work with audio and video files, use both Windows and Mac systems and software to get the results they need. CRE is here to support any kind of digital work flow, and we work hard to stay on top of things for you.

The XP world is ending

It is vital that all Windows users know that Microsoft will not support XP after April, 2014. This means that we will likely see third-party support for XP start to dwindle as early as mid-2011, and it will really accelerate from there. Since preparing for migration might take from 12 to 18 months, there is time to schedule training on CRE computer rentals running Windows 7. If you begin migration planning sooner rather than later, training employees on the new OS should prove to be a wise investment. This way you can maximize worker productivity, control the process and make a cost-effective migration to Windows 7 before your XP computers become obsolete.

Call or e-mail our Account Executives with any questions about Windows 7 or setting up a training room for your firm – and, as always, if you know what you want already use our handy Quick Rental Quote form. Naturally, we can take care of all your convention rentals, meeting rental needs, or any other high-tech equipment you might need to get the job done. That’s what we do!

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