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March 14th, 2013

It is time to declare the 1980s-vintage Sun Microsystems slogan/sales-pitch, “The Network Is the Computer,” officially validated. Just substitute the word “cloud” for “network” and you’re fully updated to the new paradigm, “cloud-bZeroPC  combines all your cloud servicesased computing.” Of course, Apple seems prescient once again with the early deployment of iCloud, the hub of digital life for iMac, iPhone, or iPod users (and it works with Windows, too).

Housekeeping issues can be challenging enough with modern powerhouses like our MacBook Pro rental. But with the proliferation of cloud storage, especially free accounts, people are scattering important information all over the (virtual) world. (Too much of a good thing again!) Too many great, useful, often free sites and services beget too many login names and passwords. Consider: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google Plus, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, Evernote, Picasa–these are but a few of the “cloud services” that are easy to sign up for and use. How many do you have?

One thing at a time? Stone Age!

Not only must you remember all your login credentials, you are likely signing in separately to visit all these sites one at a time to access your files or use the services. This is not particularly convenient, even if you’re just listening to music on an iPad rental between conference sessions. If you visit the sites for the services, and use them for work, you’ll get stuck in the Catch-22 that always snares effective people: The more tools you have in your kit, the more tools you leave in your kit. This particular conundrum has a solution, however.

ZeroPC is a cloud-based virtual desktop service that promises to “bring you all the goodness of cloud computing” with none of the hassle (zero calories, too). It uses the familiar desktop metaphor for a “private cloud solution,” providing Office-compatible web applications and access to all your cloud-based files  in a single place without multiple sign-ins. You can access all your apps and documents in one place, just as if you were working on a desktop computer rental–but everything’s in the cloud. This is very handy, since you can work from anywhere on any web-enabled doohickey (it’s a technical term). Best of all, ZeroPC enables you to easily share documents between different cloud services using a simple interface similar to Windows Explorer.

ZeroPC explorer-like file interface

One-stop desktop

Expense control is essential–so a good number of CRE customers enjoy the financial benefit of forgoing capital outlays for, say, once-a-year conferences in favor of event production rentals. Using ZeroPC gets you out from under such cost-of-ownership problems as software conflicts, iffy anti-virus protection, increased anti-business hacking, hardware malfunctions, et cetera ad infinitum. Manage everything from wherever you are and access your files wherever they are–with one of our laptop rentals, your Android phone, or your iOS-Anything. You can easily and securely share your desktop with friends and colleagues, too.

In addition to aggregating your cloud files, you can set up a “universal inbox” for all your email accounts. (The IMAP standard is the only one currently supported, however.) You can do the same with your multiple message services. Compared to the cloud of confusion that hovered over the subject in 2011 and 2012, the whole “cloud thing” now seems to be working out nicely. And ZeroPC is an important milestone in the journey.

It’s a keeper

Considered a “killer startup,” ZeroPC debuted with a remarkably powerful basic feature set that is free to use. It should be sufficient for most regular users as it can provide as much as 15GB of free cloud storage. For more power, use the simple “Pay as You Go Plan” to pay for only what you use–up to 50GB of storage, with up-to-unlimited monthly downloads, powerful file- and folder-sharing options, and other benefits.

Speaking of benefits, there are many that you accrue by partnering with CRE. With wide-ranging expertise, our Account Executives can help you set up a new post-production workflow with a Mac Pro Rental, or outfit your corporate team with the proper trade show convention rentals. Call (877) 266-7725, send us a message, or visit the Quick Rental Quote page.

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