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July 12th, 2012

Today, we conclude “10 Best Ways to Get People to Your Booth” (check out Part 1 if you missed the post). We are concerned with maximizing booth attendance. Your actions should follow from your pre-conference preparation, and dovetail smoothly with your post-conference follow-up. A trade show booth is a huge investment, and event production rentals are just the start. Done right, your trade show appearance can spark a measurable sales increase, so turning uninterested attendees into attentive booth visitors is the vital first step in making the most of that investment.

Here are the final five of our 10 ways to get attendees to your trade show booth:

6. Tickets: These remain much-desired items of swag because many people value experiences over material things. Tip: Do not offer tickets to tech events, but to something with a “cool” factor like a music concert, VIP-only gallery opening, sporting event and so on.

7. Food: Food is a uniquely powerful way to entice visitors to your booth. Advertise (PDFs, e-mails, tweets) precisely what you’ll be serving at your booth, and make people’s mouths water with an image-laden sign-up notice on a strategically placed all-in-one multitouch display PC or two.

8. Contest: If you expect to attract conference attendees to your booth with a raffle or contest, the prize must be something that people will actually get excited about (and show up to claim). A new model like CRE’s iPad rental qualifies but, as some recent show exhibitors have discovered, the discontinued models do not. Don’t be cheap!

9. Subscription: Because of today’s information overload, magazine and newsletter subscriptions are not as highly valued as in the past. However, information sources that are truly exclusive, and boast inside information remain valuable and, thus, are effective “hooks.”

10. Personal invitations: If your conference team is connected via tablet PC rentals or other wireless gear, you can coordinate efforts to “work the floor” and encourage booth visits with a variety of strategies. Dale Carnegie might suggest you ask people a small favor, like coming to the booth for a two-minute video – and some peach cobbler (see #7, above).

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