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February 2nd, 2012

You collect a lot of information at conferences, and in a lot of forms. To Do ListKeynote speeches and breakout sessions produce lots of notes – digital ones on iPad rentals and/or analog ones on paper – and you are likely to have scores of business cards, brochures and USB thumb drives. It is easy to toss the analog stuff in a pile and the digital stuff on a backup drive (where it may or may not be safe) after which you may simply forget about it all. There’s a better way.

Your post-conference to-do list

1. Report – Send in the post-conference survey. Tell the organizers the truth (what a concept) and you can help them make the next conference better, even if you don’t go.

2. Reflect – Your head will be spinning when you get home. Give it a few days (no more than week) to sink in. You can be swayed by great speakers into buying a concept, product or service that isn’t right for your firm. Don’t rush things.

3. Review – Organizing your notes, like filling out the survey, forces you to think about what you learned. If you had a booth with CRE trade show convention rentals, write a short report on your experiences to keep with your conference notes. Discuss your findings with colleagues.

4. Share – Whether you are a presenter or attendee, going to conferences marks you as someone with passion for the topic. Writing a blog, or making a presentation to company execs on a dramatic LCD touchscreen monitor rental, establishes you as someone with both expertise and initiative.

5. Connect – Don’t surrender to PCLS (Post-Conference Laziness Syndrome). The most valuable “stuff” you brought home wasn’t the knick-knacks and logo-stamped thumb drives, but contact information. Among the business cards, brochures and notes on your team’s tablet PC rentals are new prospects, potential employees and possible partners. Put the info to work, and soon.

6. Forecast – Going to next year’s conference? If you haven’t been one already, contact the conference organizer about being a presenter. Of course, you can also plan your own breakout session with  Audience Response Systems Rental (ARS). Whether in front of the entire assembly, or some subset of it, plan to increase your exposure on your “return engagement.”

7. Apply – Not everything at the conference will be new to you, but you will likely have a few epiphanies and perhaps a very good idea or two. Someone else may have had the same insight, so kick it around – then get on it, or you may regret it.

You won’t regret contacting CRE with a call or e-mail, or making a quick visit to our Quick Rental Quote form. CRE can help you with post-production gear, conference needs, office equipment rentals, computers and more. We have  the expertise to devise the best, most cost-effective and highest-quality solutions to your unique challenges.

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