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January 6th, 2011

CES 2011 – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the annual rite of passage for all things high-tech – begins today and runs through the 9th. It is by far the planet’s biggest get-together of gadgeteers, tech writers and assorted geeks. You know the type (you may be one): If you use our Mac Pro rentals and memorize every Dashboard widget, you share the mindset prevalent at CES. We have other blogs on New Year’s resolutions, and several recent looks at tech predictions past and future, so we’re not making any predictions here. We’re just reporting on the buzz, which is already at a high pitch.

Tablets ad infinitum

You may be tired of hearing it, but tablets will be humungous this year. CRE offers iPad rentals because Apple has sold about 14 million in nine months and people want them. Now Toshiba, Asus and other firms are rushing tablets to market. Some units will run Android, and some may even run Windows. CRE began offering high-quality Motion Computing tablet PC rentals when they were about the only game in town. Before we add any new products to our list, we’ll check them out up, down and sideways. What to watch for: A tablet from HP running the “WebOS” system. What to watch out for: Cheap tablets with an old Android OS (if it’s under 2.0, fuggedabowdit).

Is that “screaming” or “streaming”?

The streaming media market took off somewhat surprisingly last year. In no time we had Google TV, a new and improved Apple TV, revamped Boxee and Roku, new offerings from Logitech and plenty of Chinese lookalikes. Many of these units attach to large LCD monitor rentals to create a great presentation setup, but TV makers are way ahead of that. Instead of using large-screen LCDs or plasma rentals with the streaming devices, you can now get a TV with Web capabilities built in, so Netflix, Hulu and other sources will stream from “the cloud.”

Another shot at 3D

The far future of 3D monitor technology looks great, and your 2018 iMac rentals may be equipped with 3D screens that are great for design, layout, engineering and (of course) watching movies. Consumers pretty much ignored the TV makers’ 3D-TV push in 2010, possibly because of the expense, possibly because of the lack of 3D content – but definitely because of those silly glasses. Vizio is attacking the price problem, while Nintendo and Toshiba are making headway in developing goggles-free 3D viewing. And James Cameron is going to make two more Avatar flicks!

We follow the technology wherever it goes, and new products that prove themselves will enter the CRE inventory. In the meantime, we have state-of-the-art equipment for your media production needs, as well as convention rentals and great advice across the board. Call or e-mail an Account Executive, or fill out the online Quick Rental Quote form, and we will find the right solution for you – right now!

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