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January 17th, 2012

There’s a lot of exciting news to absorb from the recent CES 2012, as it lit up Las Vegas once again with the latest and greatest consumer electronics. Here are some of the show’s hottest items.

OLED Monitors…the next generation

CRE Rentals’ selection of plasma display rentals and other monitors have kept pace through the years with evolving technologies. The next paradigm shift features OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens. LG will offer the first OLED TV – model 55EM9800, a 55-inch model – in the third quarter of 2012. OLED screens feature “absolute black,” superb viewing angles and an ultra-thin form factor. Computer monitors will come as the technology spreads (and gets less expensive).

PC gaming tablet

Razer is an ambitious hardware maker that is entering the computer market from the gaming side. Its Project Fiona gaming tablet runs Windows 8, which Microsoft is seriously promoting as a game platform, but it won’t be competing with our iPad rental, which is a full-featured, business-capable productivity tool.

Tablet time for AsusAsus MeMo 370T

With a potent quad-core chip and Android 4.0, the Asus Memo 370T tablet approaches the power of CRE’s  tablet PC rentals. Standard configuration includes 1GB of system RAM, 16GB for storage, a high-res screen, 8-megapixel camera and HDMI output.

HP’s take on ultra books

The PC industry has a name for the MacBook Air-inspired lines of super-thin, light laptops. They’re called “ultra books,” and HP Spectrethe HP Spectre “out-ultras” many with its all-glass lid and palm rest. Of all the new laptops at CES 2012, the Spectre is special, with premium Beats Audio, an inset analog volume control wheel and HP Wireless Audio.

Software and apps for Windows 8

BlueStacks, which is going to be pre-installed on certain Windows 8 computers, puts the entire Android marketplace at the beck and call of Microsoft’s upcoming OS. So when Windows 8 launches, some 400,000 Android apps will be available to run on your PC.

Dashboard tech for cars

QNX has developed a car “apps system” that provides instant, automatic Bluetooth pairing of the auto sound system with a smartphone. In addition to Bluetooth, the short-range radio connection built into everything from the MacBook Pro to iPods, QNX has included technology that renders phone calls in CD-quality stereo, as well as apps integration for front- and back-seat passengers.

Watch upcoming blogs for complete coverage of the new technologies rolling out of CES. Meanwhile, for everything from trade show convention rentals to do-it-all iMac rentals, one call or e-mail puts an expert Account Executive to work on your solutions. (As always, if you know what you need, use our Quick Rental Quote form.)

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