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March 4th, 2010

CRE Rentals provides news and highlights from two recent trade shows: CES and Toy Fair.

2010 CES Trade Show

During the January 2010 CES show, over a dozen e-readers were displayed from both major firms (Audiovox and Samsung) to a number of smaller companies. The devices represented different approaches to the e-reader product. There were various form factors like clamshell cases and ultra-thin tablet PCs, not unlike the tablet PC rentals available from CRE,  and different levels of functionality including touchscreens and handwriting capture. There were even choices of connectivity, including Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth, and some with combinations of these protocols.

“Content is king” for E-Readers

Don’t forget the mantra of the Internet and all connected devices: “Content is king.” Most products in this category will have to go a long way to match the content available from the market leaders, Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader. When considering content along with the tech specifications, and trying to gauge the ever-tickle consumer’s interest, one new entry does stand out. It’s the Skiff Reader, from a subsidiary of media heavyweight Hearst.

Skiff Reader

When announcing its product, Skiff also announced a comprehensive content strategy to support it. In addition, the Skiff Reader is the first e-ink product (all using licensed technology) built to display magazine and newspaper content, and both its service model and digital store are built to allow swift, simple, wireless consumer access to free and paid content from news organizations, magazines, blogs, books and other publishers. It will all be delivered fast-fast-fast over Sprint’s existing 3G, and upcoming 4G, networks.

Big and “bendy”

The Skiff Reader is a mere quarter-inch thick, 11.5 inches diagonally, weighs just under pound and is housed in a remarkably flexible magnesium frame. For reading and interacting with the device, the Skiff Reader uses a flexible 1200 x 1600 pixel (UXGA) touchscreen manufactured by LG from stainless-steel foil. In addition to 3G/4G service, the unit is Wi-Fi-capable, lasts over a week on a single charge and will be available at Sprint’s online and retail stores. Pricing has not yet been set.

- – -

A Few Laughs from Toy Fair 2010

The recent New York Toy Fair 2010 showcased scores of new toys for all ages, a few of which should put a smile on your face. One for example is the Marshmallow Blaster which is the only thing better than Nerf guns and ammo for indoor shoot-outs. The best marshmallow-shooting device at the Fair, it can fire 20 puffy rounds in a five-second burst, with a range of 40 feet. Fun!

The new Hot Wheels RC Stealth Rides (image 11 of 20 in this slideshow) are Mattel’s popular radio-controlled (RC) cars scaled down to the size of a domino, and fit in a case the size of a cell phone that doubles as charger and remote control. Is there a better workplace distraction than this?

Amazingly (or not), Mattel also makes an electronic dog tag that you hang on Poochie’s neck. Puppy Tweets (image 15 of 20 in the slideshow) will sense the dog’s activity levels, motions, barking and such, and transmit pre-set tweets to its own Twitter feed. You read that right. Now you can teach your dog Stupid Human Tricks!

- – -

CRE does not rent blasters, RC cars or canine Twitter-enablers, but we have the leading-edge all-in-one touchscreen computer rentals, LCD monitor rentals and other high-tech equipment you need to get your work finished. Deadline moved up? Hire a Final Cut expert, get one of CRE’s potent Mac Pro rentals and get the job done, bing bang boom. Know what you need already? Then use our Quick Rental Quote form and get to work fast, or contact an experienced Account Executive and figure out a solution together. We’re here to take care of business – yours!

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