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June 21st, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 comes to the San Diego Convention Center from July 12th to 15th (“Preview Night” is the 11th) for what has arguably become one of the most far-reaching, influential events in the entertainment multiverse. Comic-Con brings top professionals from the publishing, animation, gaming, TV/film, technology and toy industries together in one fast-paced, media-centric happening.

At past events, Comic-Con has invited the foregoing, specified media pros as well as those from “related industries” (plus aliens, Star Wars nerds, those Trekkies and assorted geeks, of course). This year, Comic-Con more precisely defined those industries as firms that “produce material based on comic book, graphic novel, comic strip, animation [or] fantasy/sci-fi properties.”

Whether you are going to exhibit or make a presentation, we don’t just have the trade show convention rentals you need. We have wireless PCs, tablets and ipads for staying in touch and on top of things. We also have some “news you can use,” especially if you want to do some pinpoint niche marketing at the conference.

Know your targets at Comic-Con

You have a range of targets this year, as Comic-Con’s registration program offered two badge categories – a “creative professional” badge and a “trade professional” one. The creative professional badge – for pros with active roles in designing, creating, writing/editing or producing animation, comic books, films/TV, video games, books or toys – is complimentary. These are the kind of pros that rely on CRE for AJA IO HD rentals and other post-production gear.

So remember: If you intend to dazzle folks on the exhibit floor with some plasma display rentals, the “creative” category also includes retired careerists from comics and other pop art industries, web “curators,” website artists and webmasters whose sites promote the historic and ongoing contributions of comics to society. If you have PDF materials prepared for both target groups, every attendee with an iPad rental can receive your message via AirDrop (very cool).

Trade badge for convention floor

The trade professional badge, says Comic-Con, is for “agents, publicists, managers, executives, marketing, sales, business development, advertising, legal representatives, and other industry professionals [attending] for business reasons.” Media pros who did not also qualify as creative professionals were eligible to purchase trade badges, but either way, be prepared with targeted materials for them, too, if it makes sense for your product or service. Get the iPad, get some tablet PC rentals – be ready for anything and everyone!

Of course, all badges to Comic-Con 2012 were gone in 80 minutes or so in early March, and the last batch of some 5,000 made available via cancellations, etc., were gone in minutes on May 31st. That means at least 130,000 people, near SDCC’s capacity. Watch for our wrap-up in about a month!

From the best in event production rentals to the most powerful post-production technology, our experienced Account Executives have the solution you need. We are ready, willing and able to help you properly exhibit at Comic Con – just call or e-mail, or a visit our Quick Rental Quote form today!

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