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May 12th, 2011

E3 ExpoAs far as high-tech conferences go, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is known for putting on one of the best  – E3 Expo 2011,  a premiere trade show for computer and video games and related products.  The trade show is set for June 7-9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and not only will it be illuminating, it will be lots of fun, too!

Mobile gaming explodes

As the premier international trade show for gaming on all platforms, E3 Expo 2011 gathers in one place all the various artists, engineers, creators, distributors and publishers in all “segments” – from games on smart phones and tablets like CRE’s iPad rentals to the Internet, handheld devices, home computers and dedicated consoles like Xbox and Wii. Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing segment of all and promises to be the hot topic this year.

Over its three days, E3 Expo 2011 will draw tens of thousands of high-tech pros who are working in myriad ways to bring the world a new generation of interactive entertainment. Influential people of all disciplines and from all corporate departments – design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, etc. – will join representatives of the most innovative companies in the business to discuss new trends and products. If you exhibit at E3 Expo, using one or more of CRE’s touchscreen LCD monitor rentals is an effective way of engaging passers-by and empowering them to learn about your product or service.

Trade Show Booth at E3 Expo

Get your message to the right people

Besides your exhibit booth, a few strategically placed interactive kiosk rentals will go a long way toward getting your message into the right heads – from software developers, distributors, buyers and retailers to venture capitalists, manufacturers, industry analysts and global media pros (print, Web, broadcast). And no matter how “green” you want to go at the convention – read about green conference centers and green practices – we can help.

The ESA also offers member services that include global anti-piracy programs, government and industry relations, business research, 1st Amendment advocacy and protection of intellectual property.  Meanwhile,  CRE offers you E3 rentals and the know-how to make a good impression.  Call or e-mail an Account Executive (or use the Quick Rental Quote form) to get just what you need – before, during and after the show!

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