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December 14th, 2011

The first Macworld expo was in 1985, a few lifetimes ago in “tech time.” Compared to the Apple of today, the company that was the focus of the event was defined by its one product, the Macintosh. In 2012, Apple’s iOS devices are a big part of the story, along with the ever-evolving Macs. Given the “new Apple,” there is now a new name for the event, too. From now on it will be known as Macworld-iWorld: The Ultimate iFanEvent, and the 2012 edition is set for January 26-28 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.


Multiple channels

Event producer IDG and its partners at Macworld magazine are balancing a “heavy influence of OS X developers on the show floor” with products and people from the iOS “sister universe.” With everything from iDevices to the new iMac, the event brings top media outlets, industry experts and people like you (and us) together for the unique value that comes from networking, seeing and/or showing new products, taking part in some first-rate technical training and enjoying diverse educational programs. And all of it is about Apple gear!

Macworld-iWorld also offers important cultural and social opportunities within the Apple universe, creating multiple channels for reaching attendees with your firm’s marketing message. You can leverage CRE’s event production rentals expertise into a powerful floor presence. Alternatively – better yet, in addition – you can take prospects off the floor to a breakout session and gather valuable feedback with our Audience Response Systems (ARS). Whatever your plan, we have the mobile gear, presentation devices, plasma display rentals and everything else you need for success.

Music is expected to play a major role at Macworld-iWorld 2012, with showcase performances at the ongoing “Music Experience” and a list of evening events at other S.F. venues. Film, media and post-production pros – the kind that use our render farms and other high-end gear – will find things with which to fascinate and entertain themselves, on center stage and elsewhere. Draw passersby into your booth with custom interactive programs running on our all-in-one multitouch display PC. You can also collect contact info from people that aren’t passing by if you rent interactive kiosks and set them in the high-traffic areas that your conference team can’t get to.

IDG is estimating some 20% growth in total exhibitors, a dramatic increase from the 2010 and 2011 shows, which experienced a major down-scaling from 2009, the last time Apple exhibited. The turnaround is in full swing, so don’t miss out! If you’re a conference pro, use our Quick Rental Quote to get rolling right away. If you need expert assistance, simply call or e-mail an experienced Account Executive and we’ll work out a strategy, deliver the goods, set it all up and even take it all down for you, too. If you want to make the first Macworld-iWorld event a memorable one, let us help – we’re good at it!

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