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December 11th, 2012

Since Apple also stands for phones and tablets and other “iDevices,” the old Macworld convention became Macworld/iWorld for the first time in 2012. The 2013 edition is coming soon, and it’s still the premier event in all of creation for fans of Apple’s iMac, its other OS X computers, and all the iPod and iPad models running iOS. It’s all Apple, all the time, for three days (January 31 to February 2, 2013) at San Francisco’s Moscone Center: Macworld/iWorld 2013!


Full-day workshops come first, on Wednesday, January 30. While Mac users, media pros, industry experts and every species of corporate critter (buyers, managers, IT) should like most everything about Macworld/iWorld, the technical sessions are famously first-rate. At the old Macworlds, the workshops and presentations were part of the Users Conference, but are now called Tech Talks. Every one of your conference team members needs an iPad rental, and not just for the workshops—because with the unique value of meeting face-to-face, responding to unplanned social opportunities, and reveling in the creative atmosphere, you need a tool to document your experiences.

Attending, exhibiting, or both?

You may need other tools, as well. If you are exhibiting at Macworld/iWorld, you should already have your reservation—passes, exhibit space, and everything else sell out early. As you consider your options—an LCD touchscreen monitor rental with an interactive presentation, a booth built around product displays, a mix of ideas—remember that getting people to stop is your first priority. One more thing to remember: CRE won’t charge you for advice. Whether you end up getting trade show convention rentals from us or not, you can always call, and we will always be happy to help.

We confidently predict that Macworld/iWorld 2013 will be yet another uniquely engaging celebration of all things Apple, and all the things that the company’s technology has helped create: fine art, commercial art, architecture, music, film, websites, entire companies, and more. Beyond the great learning opportunities, and an exhibit hall full of products and services for Apple users of all interests and skill levels, Macworld/iWorld puts you in the middle of a lot of people who share your (and your firm’s) interests. Sounds like a reason to rent interactive kiosk units and collect some contact info, right?

Want to brainstorm your plan a bit? A single call or e-mail will connect you with an expert Account Executive who can help you knock down every challenge you face, from a jam-packed production schedule to a last-minute booth plan involving some trade show convention rentals. As always, you can head to our Quick Rental Quote page if you know what you need. Whatever it is, whatever the situation, we’re here to help!

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