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July 9th, 2009

From August 2-6, San Diego’s Convention Center is this year’s home for the SPIE Optics+Photonics 2009 conference09_07_09_spie_logo1, featuring new research findings in solar power, nanoengineering, optical engineering and photonics—plus a celebration of “400 Years of Telescopes.”

This event is, without question, the largest multidisciplinary technical conference in the world, with a single fee granting you access to four separate symposia, over 3000 papers, 26 expert-studded plenary sessions, over 200 exhibitors, and networking opportunities galore. Members of SPIE—which calls itself “an international society advanced light-based research” and whose slogan is, “Connecting minds/Advancing light”—include the inventors and developers of plasma TVs like the leading models that CRE stocks today.

The NanoScience + Engineering symposium will cover transformative technologies like carbon nanotubes and metamaterials. The emerging field of plasmonics could lead to computer chips as powerful as the Quad-Core Xeon in the blazing Mac Pro that CRE rents, but at a fraction of the size and cost. The Solar Energy + Technology symposium will focus on solar hydrogen, thin film technology and sustainability enhancers like the latest photovoltaic cells.

The Photonic Devices + Applications symposium will showcase technologies that leverage organic and photonic materials, such as Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) that will eventually pass even LCD monitors in clarity and color accuracy. The fourth and final symposium, Optical Engineering + Applications, will introduce conference-goers to the latest in optical design, remote sensing, x-ray technologies and space applications.

Siggraph 2009, Siggraph 2009officially entitled “The 36th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques,” is in New Orleans this year, from August 3-7. Keynote Speakers this year include two-time Oscar winning sound designer Randy Thom, inventor of SimCity and video game designer Will Wright, and the graphics director for the New York Times, Steve Duenes.

Siggraph draws an international audience, one from across all the many disciplines working in the young (but rapidly maturing) field of computer graphics and interactivity. The technology behind the touchscreen monitors that CRE stocks today was patented the year of Siggraph’s first event, and the people gathering at 2009’s conference are hard at work innovating the future, too.

Exhibitors do not just hand out brochures on their new applications, computer graphics cards or artist-grade monitors like the Apple Cinema Displays available for rent from CRE. They also take the time to demonstrate software, hardware and systems at the ongoing Exhibitor Tech Talks. Highly informative Siggraph Courses, numbering nearly 30 this year, load attendees up with info, too. The offerings range from “Creating New Interfaces for Musical Expression” to “The Digital Emily Project: Photoreal Facial Modeling and Animation.”


LinuxWorld Conference & Expo has metamorphosed into OpenSource World and for 2009 is co-locating with two other conferences, Next Generation Data Center and CloudWorld, to offer a comprehensive, soup-to-nuts view of “enterprise technology within the data center.” The three-in-one event is being held in San Francisco on August 12-13 at Moscone Center West.

OpenSource World will showcase innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Industry experts and innovators will present new Linux and open source insights and advances, providing IT end-users real, usable ideas that can save their enterprises real time, energy and money. Topics will range broadly from Enterprise Application Infrastructure, Deployment/Management and Mobile to Security, Desktops, Netbooks and Systems Troubleshooting.

Next Generation Data Center (NGDC) is the one strategic IT event you don’t want to miss if you need to stay up to speed on established storage technologies, like RAID arrays, and the new ones that will power 21st century data centers. The third portion of the three-in-one conference, CloudWorld, focuses on the infrastructure, Web-centric software and services that proponents now deem ready to begin the move to cloud computing in the data center.

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