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March 29th, 2012

CRE supplies the finest trade show rentals anywhere. We are also the premier source of high-end technology rentals for film, TV, animation and media professionals. Whatever your hardware needs, you get our marketing expertise and all-around business savvy at no extra cost, to help you develop and implement new ideas. Today we’re talking trade show swag.

trade show swag

Swag, giveaways, freebies – it’s what fills your tote bag at conferences. You may have a wonderful presentation running on a sharp LCD touchscreen monitor rental, but prospects cannot take that when they leave. But if it were on a flash drive with your logo, they just might spread your message to their co-workers, colleagues and who-knows-who. If flash drives are too pricey, anything that’s useful and has your contact info is better than nothing at all.

Swag smarts

If you pick the wrong item, or use it ineffectively, you’ll get zero bang for your precious bucks. Here are the top five rules for trade show swag:

1. Make it useful – A trade show giveaway must be useful or it will end up in the junk drawer. Even some useful items have been overdone – who needs another refrigerator magnet or keychain? – so think it through. Huge numbers of people now own an iPad, so a branded, plastic, rubber-tipped stylus could be a winner.

2. Make it yours – If your company brand involves specific colors and other design elements (in addition to your logo), make sure to incorporate these into the promo item. It needs to look like “you” – and if you established a conference theme then apply it to the giveaway item, as well.

3. Make it Informative – Give people as many ways to contact you as possible (phone, fax, e-mail, URL). Even computer rentals have stickers with CRE Rentals contact information. Also use your company slogan or create a short, sweet tag line about your product or service.

4. Make it financially sensible – If yours is a low-cost product or service, high-priced swag makes no sense. Of course, the costlier the item, the more judicious you need to be about giving it out. CRE Account Executives can help you strategize this with the same level of expertise they bring to event production rentals.

5. Make it targeted – Naturally, you want to attract qualified prospects, but it can take a few moments to determine if someone is a good prospect. Consider getting low-cost branded pens to offer all comers, reserving a special item (flash drive?) for the best prospects.

For audio visual (AV) equipment rentals or powerful post-production gear, CRE is the one-stop shop. We can support your new viral marketing project with a room full of iMac rentals or help you through a production bottleneck with additional mass storage. One call or e-mail does it all – and if you already know what you need, use our Quick Rental Quote form.

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