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August 30th, 2011

Interbike Trade Show

Interbike International Bicycle Expo (Interbike) is the premier bicycle industry business-to-business (B2B) event, bringing together leading manufacturers, retailers, support industries, cycling advocates and media to tend to the business and technology side of cycling. The event assembles over 1,100 cycling-related brands and draws over 20,000 attendees every year. The 2011 edition of the show will once again be held in Las Vegas from September 12th to 16th.

To move or not to move?

It almost wasn’t so. Last year Interbike announced it was moving its 2011 show from September to the month of August. Almost in passing, the organization mentioned that the location was moving, too, from Las Vegas to Anaheim. The announcement unleashed a flood of feedback, surprising Interbike’s top brass.

It “elicited a very real response,” said Interbike show director Andy Tompkins. After “countless conversations [with] exhibitors and retailers” the group reversed course. “We are hearing loud and clear,” admitted Tompkins, “that [the] industry prefers September dates and the convenience of Las Vegas.” CRE is particularly experienced in serving the great convention centers of the West, even if you just need a dozen tablet PC rentals for your team.

Interbike shifts paradigms

During the scheduling kerfuffle, Interbike execs heard from numerous industry insiders about the show’s importance to the marketplace. It is still “the industry’s show,” said Tompkins, and “the market’s passion and commitment” to it means that the 2011 and 2012 events will be “groundbreaking.” Expect large, milling crowds, and stay connected with iPad rentals – they’re notepads, display devices, phones, e-readers and Internet appliances in one slim, slick package.

If you’re exhibiting in a major way, CRE’s excellent event production services will make your trade show appearance a hit. You can also put together your own booth a la carte, so to speak, and draw passersby into an interactive presentation on a Interbike plasma rental . If you’re attending to gather materials and distribute your own, you can set up a mini branch office with CRE’s vast range of office equipment rentals.

Green is keen!

We can help you make your tradeshow experience greener than ever, too. Save on four-color printing by handing out business cards or flyers with URLs listed, so interested folks can save a few trees while reading your “virtual marketing materials.” Multiply your presence with CRE’s interactive kiosk rentals, which can be configured to your specifications to dispense info (and collect it, too). Very handy, and kiosks don’t take lunch breaks. (But you should!)

If you’re working yourself to a frazzle setting up your exhibit or strategizing a breakout session, let CRE help. We’re seasoned trade show specialists that also happen to have one of the largest inventories of high-tech rentals anywhere. One call or e-mail, or a few minutes with our Quick Rental Quote form, is all it takes to get you on your way to Interbike.

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