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July 28th, 2011

Magic Show 2011

If you’re involved in any way with the business of fashion, the MAGIC Show 2011 is definitely where you want to be from the 22nd to the 24th of August, 2011. Being held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, the show is Ground Zero for thousands of fashion industry professionals from around the world. The range of people and firms at MAGIC – manufacturers and buyers, fashion leaders and textile designers, marketing mavens and brand builders – is world-class, too.

This year, in fact, the U.S. Department of Commerce and MAGIC will co-host “Sourcing in the Americas” on Sunday, the 21st, the day before MAGIC’s official start. The day-long summit will showcase textile mills, apparel, footwear, component suppliers and service providers throughout Latin America. Attending, exhibiting or both, MAGIC is where you will discover the hot new trends, from design to retailing, while you’re buying, selling and “schmoozing.” This is where it happens.

Display a winning attitude with Plasma Rentals

The popular saying, “Go big or go home,” applies perfectly to the winning attitude you need if you’re heading for the MAGIC event (or any other). At MAGIC, all the companies, big and small, go to great, often expensive lengths to promote themselves with dramatic visual displays, free gifts, breakout sessions and more. CRE can outfit you with big, bold plasma rentals and the other tools you need to get the most from this one-stop-shop event.

If your conference team is small this year, you can multiply your presence with interactive kiosk rentals customized to make your pitch and take contact info from passersby. CRE can help both veteran business owners and new entrepreneurs to “go big” without the “big bucks,” and make things happen at MAGIC. If you host a session, our Audience Response System rentals provide a two-way exchange of information that can be invaluable in helping you focus your branding message and PR.

MAGIC’s Global reach

The seminars conducted at MAGIC are extremely popular because of the top quality presenters and keynote speakers. Outfitted with our iPad rentals, your conference team can take notes (written or voice), snap photos, take videos, stay in touch and access online conference resources. If you work in fashion, you have to be at MAGIC – and if you go, you need to “go big.” There’s no better way to prepare than to get CRE, with its full range of convention rentals, on your side. That’s how MAGIC gets done.

It gets done quickly, too, when you call or e-mail our experienced CRE Account Executives. It doesn’t cost a cent to brainstorm your conference strategy with them, and when you get it nailed down we have the full range of event production services available. One call does it all – but you don’t even need to do that if you know what you need. In that case, use our handy Quick Rental Quote form. Either way, CRE will give you the magic!

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